Dammy Boy

Wednesday, January 23, 2019. 1:49 PM


The Dam Who Would Be Undamned

You may have heard of a movie named:

“The Man Who Would Be King”

Well, there once was a dam that would be undamned

If only he could . . .

He surely didn’t feel like a king . . .

He had been charged very many years ago with the charge to hold back a great reservoir of water. And he was strong back then in his youth; so, he was very willing and able to take on this responsibility with all his heart and mind and will and strength. And serve in this task.

But, alas, “time and circumstances happened to him, as to all things great and small.”

Who said that?

I don’t know.

The great energy it took to do this task constantly, day after day,  and year after year, and decade after decade, gradually sapped his mighty strength.

He began to crack here and there.

And he began to leak, too.

A creakin’ and a crackin’ and a croakin’ and about to be a broken . . .

But, it wasn’t his nature to give up.

No! He was made to be strong—damned strong!  And to hold back the waters.

That was his charge,

His responsibility,

His job.

How could he let go?

How could he just give up?

He would be a total failure, he thought, if he did that—give up . . . let go .  . .

And it would be suicidal if he let go.

He’d be washed away immediately in the flood from that huge reservoir.

It would be terrifying . . .

And anyway, he actually did not have the know how to stop being himself, to stop being a dam.

So, he kept trying to fulfill his charge and be faithful to the end no matter how much it hurt and how much he was suffering and how weak he was a becomin’ . . .

[“My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.” -2 Corinthians 12: 9b NIV.]

He had to keep on damming that great reservoir.

What could Dammy the Dam do but keep on damming the damned reservoir?

Damned if he did. Damned if he didn’t! they say.

He was in that situation in life that some have coined ironically with the phrase:

“Damned if you do, Damned if you don’t.”

Sufferin’ Sinners!

His damned back was aching, too.

“What is a dam supposed to do, damn it!???” He thought.

The birds, who were not of this world, but rather above it all, could see and empathically understand Dammy’s situation.

They tweeted to him as they flew above: Why don’t you see a psychiatrist? You seem to be depressed?

Dammyy replied: “I honestly appreciate your empathy, my friends;

But, I don’t believe in that way.

Why not, they tweeted in reply?

Drugs can’t solve the problem I have.

Well then, what do you believe will solve your predicament, Dammy-Boy?

Only God Almighty can help me, Dammy answered his friends. And he began to weep . . .

How can He do that? Blue Bird asked.

Oh He can do anything, Dammy said.

Well then, why isn’t He helping you, Dammy?

We must suffer much before entering His Kingdom, I heard. [see Hebrews 2:10; Philippians 3:10; Acts 14:19-23].

And we must endure to the end, He tells us in His Word. [see Matthew 10:22b].

Well, we’ll keep our eye on you, Dammy-Boy. And we’ll be a prayin’ for you, too.

Thank you, Blue-Bird. I love you, too.

And Dammy thought: those blue birds of paradise . . .  wish I was in Paradise with them . . .


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