“The Insect”

Friday, March 8, 2019. 10:41 PM.

The Insect

It was the first week of March of this year—about 4 days ago. Went out on my porch to see something with my binoculars. It was cold, so didn’t stay out there for more than a minute. After coming inside again, I was at the kitchen sink to begin washing some dishes and things. As I was putting on the gloves, felt something on my head. Imagined it was a spider, even though I haven’t seen any spiders for several months. Brushed across the top of my head and felt nothing. Then, felt it again on my left ear. The idea of a spider crawling on me is not very conducive to my peace of mind, so proceeded to remove my shirt to remove any bug crawling on me. There was nothing on my shirt; so, I put it on again and washed my dishes. Later, I was in the bedroom looking out the window and noticed a flying-type of bug crawling on the inside of the window in front of me. “So that’s what was touching my head and ear,” I thought. “Must have hitched a ride on my clothing when I came inside from the porch.” And I recalled seeing a similar bug in the morning through my living room window that looks out onto my porch. He was a flying insect with a narrow body. Brown. About ¾-of-an-inch long. When I saw him in the morning, thought he was a hearty little creature to be out and about in late winter. It was a cold day outside. There was a little motive of caring in my heart for him. Having taken care of Charcoal my cat for 17-plus years and she’s been gone for 5 years now, a little insect in my apartment awakens a bit of the caring instinct. And so, I wondered if a drink of water might be helpful to him, or, her. So, a little water was poured onto the water-proof window sill. A little while later, he was right at the edge of that puddle of water with his head right at the edge of it. And he stayed there for a few minutes; so, maybe he was having a drink. The next day, saw him again on the window and poured him another drink. A little while later, he was at it again, hydrating, apparently. Then, he started crawling up the side of the window casement like a mountaineer. Crazy as it may sound, I recalled something Jesus said: “And if anyone gives even a cup of cold water to one of these little ones because he is my disciple, I tell you the truth, he will certainly not lose his reward.” -Matthew 10:42 NIV Study Bible.


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