“Don’t Worry About It”

Tuesday, April 2, 2019. 9:59 PM.

“Don’t Worry About It”

Was just having some thoughts while brushing my teeth . . .

It’s a good time to think while brushing my teeth.

[Who wants to be thinking of teeth while brushing your teeth?]

So, I was remembering being told so many times in life, “Don’t worry about it.”

Is that a meme, the saying “Don’t worry about it.” ?

What if I’m not worrying about it? What if I’m only thinking about it?

I’d probably be told, “Don’t think about it.”

Geez, I can’t think about it. I can’t worry about it, either.

What can I do?

[Just brush your teeth.]

Well, just because I’m thinking about something doesn’t mean I’m worrying about it.

Some folks just naturally think a lot.

It’s what their mind wants to do.

Lungs breath

Hearts beat

And minds think.

My mind does, anyway.

Don’t know for sure about other people’s minds.

I’ve only been in mine.

Maybe we’re all different.

Some folks write music

Some write stories

Some write poetry

Some don’t write at all.

Some work with their hands

Some work with their feet.

Some don’t work at all.

They like to think, instead.

Some thinkers become great writers

Some go crazy.

I guess maybe those are the ones who worry about it too much.

Some thinkers aren’t worriers.

We shouldn’t tell those who think a lot not to worry about it unless we’re sure they are worrying.

Maybe they’re only thinking.

My teeth are all brushed now.

And I didn’t even worry about it.

And didn’t even think about.

I was busy remembering those folks who told me not to worry or think about it.

So, I didn’t worry about my teeth and didn’t think about them, either.

And it gave me something to write about.

I guess John Denver did some thinking about it, too–without worrying about it.

John Denver Poems, Prayers & Promises











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