“A Dialogue About Nothing”

Tuesday, October 15, 2019. 9:23 PM.

“A Dialogue About Nothing

August: “April, let’s have a conversation.”

April: “Why do want to do that?

August shrugged and said, “I don’t know. It’s just something to do.”

April: “OK August. Let’s do it.”

August: “Do what?”

April sighed: “A conversation. Don’t you remember your proposal?”

August: “My proposal? Did I make a proposal?”

April: “Yes August. You just proposed that we have a conversation.”

August: “Oh yeah. I did make that proposal. I just wasn’t thinking of it as a proposal.”

April: “Well, what were you thinking it was?”

August: “Just something to do, that’s all.”

April: “Well, what would you like to converse about?”

August: “I really hadn’t thought about the subject matter.”

April: “Well, what if I choose the subject matter for our conversation?”

August: “OK April. What would you like to talk about?”

April: “I can’t decide.”

August: “Why not?”

April: “Well, there are so many different things we could discuss, like the proverbial kid who walks into a candy store and sees all the many things she could buy; but, she only has one dollar, so she wants to make her choices very special.”

August: “Sounds like you’re getting serious about this.”

April: “What do you mean, August?”

August: “I mean you’re being careful.”

April: “Well, it’s just my nature to try to do my best.”

August: “Well, I like your nature, April.”

April: “What do you mean, August?”

August: “I mean that your sincerity of heart is something I love about you, April.”

April: “August, do you love me?”

August: “Yes, I love you, April.”

April: “August, this conversation is getting loverly.”

August: “That word loverly reminds me of the song in “My Fair Lady:” “Wouldn’t It Be Loverly?”

April: “August, let’s listen to that song.”

August: “OK.”

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