“The Lady of the Lake of Sweet Tears” [The Spiritual Staircase — Chapter Five]

Saturday, March 28th, 2020. 10:16 PM.

The Lady


The Lake of Sweet Tears

Mark: “You know what, Phoebe?”

Phoebe: “What is it, Mark?”

Mark: “Remember that we were talking about how a wife is very special?”

Phoebe: “Yes, I remember you saying something about that on our walk to Sweet Avenue.”

Mark: “And how her specialness has to do with her husband being able to confide in her; and tell her special things; and be honest and truthful with her; so her husband can get over the things in his past that keep him from living completely and fully in the Present? And that he might even need to cry out some things, some painful things?”

Phoebe: “Yes, Mark. I remember those confidences you shared with me as we walked together in love.”

Mark: “Well, Phoebe, some things have come into my heart and mind that I want to confide in you, my Lady.”

Phoebe: “Alright, Mark. I’m listening to you.”

Mark: “Thank you, Phoebe. I love you. And appreciate your listening to my confidences in you, my love, my Lady. I’ve been thinking about the experience of weeping. And how it is that when I listen to sweet love songs I feel like weeping; but there is something sweet in that feeling to weep so that I’m perfectly willing that the love song or hymn makes me feel that way. There is a comfort along with the weeping – like mercy that helps the sufferer – or a good medicine that goes with the suffering.”

Phoebe: “Yes, Mark.”

Mark: “And a while ago I was trying to understand this in terms of a lake in early Spring. The sun is shining its bright and pure light on the cold hard surface of ice on the lake. And the Lake is willing for the sun to do this to him because he understands that the melting of his covering will mean good things for all life in and on and around him. So, he willingly basks in her warm light even as her light is melting him. He welcomes her bright eyes in the love and understanding that she is good for him. As it is written: “Whoso findeth a wife findeth a good thing and obtaineth favor of the LORD.” -Proverbs 18:22 KJV.

Phoebe: “I have a question about that, Mark.”

Mark: “Yes, Phoebe?”

Phoebe: “And what about the wife; does she obtaineth favor of the LORD, also, along with her husband?”

Mark: “Yes, Phoebe, she does; for she and her husband become one flesh in marriage, according to the blessing of the LORD upon them whom He has brought together for His loving purposes.”

Phoebe: “Alright, Mark.”

Mark: “And the name Phoebe means pure, bright. Phoebe, would you shine your bright and pure light upon me and “melt my heart like April snow,” my love?”

” YOU ask me how much I need YOU.

Johnny Matis – The Twelfth of Never (HQ) + lyrics


“AND I LOVE YOU SO”… ELVIS PRESLEY ( Subtitulada en Español )

Mark: “Phoebe, I want to tell you something, dear.”

Phoebe: “What is it, Mark?”

Mark: “I understand that real life and true love are not by a script – at least not by my script. I’m not a director of a play. And I can’t talk it all out nor cry it all out; so, I just write it out as the thoughts and feelings and imaginings come to me. That’s about all I’m doing, I guess. I don’t know.”

Phoebe: “Alright, Mark. I understand you – you dream lover . . .  you lover boy. I’m getting the picture [of you].”

Bobby Darin – Dream Lover (Subtitulada en español)

Phoebe: “Mark, I have to be honest with you . . . “

Mark: “Sure, Phoebe.”

Phoebe: “You’re so much older than me, Mark . . . “

Mark: “That’s true.”

Phoebe: “And I’m concerned that, if I so much as said, “Hi Mark” to you in the store at the cash register that it would just floor you, Mark. I’m afraid that you would just faint right there in line. I’m concerned, Mark, that there isn’t enough sun block in all the world to protect you from the power of my love if I turned my attention to you and gave you more than a passing glance. I’d feel so sorry if you fainted at my feet, Mark – from the power of my love; and from the bright shining light of my eyes meeting yours.”

The Look Of Love – Burt Bacharach

Mark: “Please, Phoebe, don’t be afraid. It wouldn’t be your fault if I just evaporated like morning fog in the quietness and peacefulness of your feminine form mesmerizing me; in the aura of your loveliness radiating from your presence.”

Phoebe: “Oh, Marco, Marco, thou waxeth so poetic — as though you be Shakespeare, my love.”

Mark: “Oh Phoebe, I’m just trying to lighten things up, my darling – to reach the same latitude as thee; and be in the sight of your bright eyes, darling one.”

Phoebe: “Mark, your crackin’ me up with these Shakespearian overtures, my darling. I’m happy to see you have a sense of humor, my dove.”

Mark: “Phoebe, I’m trying to think of a beautiful song to conclude this love letter to thee; however, I cannot think of one. Can you help me, my love?”

Phoebe: “What about a different version of “The Twelfth of Never” – different than the ones in this letter – perhaps the same one you heard as you were watching me ascend the library staircase . . . the very one that began the melting of your heart for me, Mark, my dream lover boy.”

Mark: “Alright, Phoebe. This one is for you, my bright eyes and gentle heart.”


Sunday, March 29th, 2020. 8:32 AM.


The following was actually at the very beginning of this Post.

It was removed because it seemed so obscure – like early morning fog;

However, now, at the end, it seems that it may be understood – in the light of what has already been written — hopefully . . .

Like the saying: “Hindsight is 2020.”

TLOTLOST: An acronym.

The Lady of the Lost

At the appointed time she gives them [the lost] to her Lord,


The Lord of the Lady of the Lake

For Their Salvation


Christ our Saviour

In the Lord Jesus’ Name


1 Corinthians 13

1 Corinthians 15

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