“A Great National Repentance”

Thursday Evening of Thanksgiving Day. November 26th, 2020. 8:17 PM.

A Great National Repentance

Leading to a New Country

The United States of AmericaL

What if the lawmakers in the USA

Embarked on a New Journey?

And they proposed to:

  1. Abolish the Abomination of Abortion
  2. Abolish State Lotteries
  3. Abolish Citizens United
  4. Institute Public Prayer in all Public Schools of Our One Nation Under One God
  5. Abolish the Abomination of Corporations
  6. Institute a Federal Law for Paying Down the National Debt each year
  7. Defining exactly what corruption is and vigorously prosecuting it
  8. Instituting National Laws that all Public Servants must disavow political party membership and must be rigorously trained in the duty to serve the United States of AmericaL according to Godly righteousness and justice and mercy and holiness to the True God of Heaven and Earth – in the name of Jesus Christ the Lord, the only begotten Son of God
  9. Outlaw all politics from Government
  10. Outlaw all public servants from associating with business leaders
  11. Let there be a wall of separation between Government and Business; so that there will be no joining of the two; since business is about Money – and Government is about serving the welfare of People and Keeping the Country devoted to Honesty and Justice and Righteousness and Peace
  12. Write a New Constitution for Our New Country so that the United States of AmericaL may realize these Godly Goals and God May in His Mercy turn back His Wrath and remove the Curse of the Pandemic against all of the wickedness in the world.

Malachi 4

And What If they refuse to do this

And The Kingdom of God comes anyway?

And the New Heavens and the New Earth are established without them?

And the ungodly pass away with the world that lies in wickedness?

Revelation 17, 18

Thanksgiving Day Evening

 November 26, 2020.

This Kingdom | Hillsong (Featuring Darlene Zschech)

Daniel 2

Daniel 12

2 Thessalonians 2

Raise a Hallelujah Bethel Music LIVE

Leonard Cohen – Democracy

God’s Way of Salvation (John 3:16)

Where To Find Hope

Revelation 19-22

“Before she was in labor she gave birth;

Before her pain came upon her she delivered a son.

“Who has heard such a thing?

Who has seen such things?

Shall a land be born in one day?

Shall a nation be brought forth in one moment?

For as soon as Zion was in labor

She brought forth her children.

“Shall I bring to the point of birth and not cause to bring forth?” says the LORD;

“Shall I, who cause to bring forth, shut the womb?”

Says your God.” -Isaiah 66:7-9. ESV Study Bible.

Isaiah 66: 1-24

Galatians 5

Vinesong – Peace Like a River (Original Version w/ Lyrics) – LIVE

Vinesong – Let Your Living Water Flow/Thank You Lord (Original Version w/ Lyrics)

In Christ Alone (Official Lyric Video) – Keith & Kristyn Getty, Alison Krauss

Because He Lives I Can Face Tomorrow – Worship Song With Lyrics

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