“A Dialogue Between August Dawn and Mighty Mike”

Monday, December 14th, 2020. 2:49 AM.

“A Dialogue Between August Dawn and Mighty Mike”

August Dawn and Mighty Mike were two very different kinds of men.  One of them was spiritual while the other was natural. They were having a revealing conversation. It went like this:

August Dawn: “Hey, Mike! Were you ever in a parade?”

Mighty Mike: “Yes, I was in many parades as a boy.”

August Dawn: “What part did you play in those parades in your boyhood?”

Mighty Mike: “I was the drummer boy.”

August Dawn: “And did you enjoy being a drummer boy in those parades, Mike?”

Mighty Mike: “I sure did!” Mike replied while swiping a tear coming down his cheek.

August Dawn noticed that tear; but, he didn’t say a word about it. The Lord’s Holy Spirit kept him quiet about that. The spirit of understanding in his heart endeared to him what he might talk about and what to be still about.

August Dawn: “What made those parades special for you, Mike; so that you were willing to carry that heavy drum strapped onto your shoulders and against your belly all those miles in cold weather and bang that drum making those booming sounds for all those folks along the sidelines?”

Mighty Mike: “What made those parades special to me was banging that drum with all my might — with my left and my right hands — and making those reverberating sounds go right through their hearts and minds and souls and spirits – so they really felt something they’d never forget for the rest of their lives. They knew something was going on when that drum sounding off was entering their ears and “a rocking their souls like they were in the bosom of Abraham” himself – by God Almighty God!”

Rock My Soul in the bosom of Abraham – YouTube

The Little Drummer Boy Sing Along with Lyrics – YouTube

Boney M. – Little Drummer Boy (1981) – YouTube

Art Garfunkel – Bright Eyes – YouTube

Bright Eyes – Art Garfunkel – YouTube

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