“An Imaginary Phone Call Dialogue”

Monday morning at 1:02 AM. March 22nd, 2021.

A Phone Call Dialogue

Mark: “Hi Eileen. You texted me last May that I was welcome to call you once in a while if I felt like talking; so, I’m calling to say that I would love to just listen to you talking to me, Eileen. I would just love hearing the sound of your voice speaking to me.”

Eileen: “Well, Mark, what would you like me to say to you?”

Mark: “Whatever you would like to confide to me, Eileen.”

Eileen: “You really want me to confide in you, Mark?”

Mark: “Yes, Eileen.”

Eileen: “Why, Mark?”

Mark: “It would be so lovely, Eileen, to be in conversation with you.”

Eileen: “How do you know it would be lovely, Mark? What if I was not in a lovely mood? What if I was feeling irritable and began to scold you for not forgetting about me as I told you to do last May?”

Mark: “I am prepared to love the sound of your voice, Eileen, even if you are scolding me.”

Eileen: “And what if I just don’t have much to say? What if I should tell you, ‘Mark, I’m sorry but, I just don’t know what to say to you.’” ?

Mark: “Well then may I say something?”

Eileen: “Yes, Mark. Go ahead.”

Mark: “I’ve been wondering if I could send you a gift – something you would really enjoy receiving from me, Eileen.”

Eileen: “What kind of a gift, Mark?”

Mark: “Anything you suggest. You told me that you like to read; so, perhaps it could be a book; or a subscription to a magazine; or a gift card for a place where you like to shop. It could even be a gift card for something very practical – like food or clothing – or something more special – whatever you tell me.”

Eileen: “Well, give me some time to think about that, OK?”

Mark: “OK, Eileen.”

Later on . . .

Mark: “May I confide something private to you, Eileen?”

Eileen: “What is it, Mark?”

Mark: “Sometimes, it seems you speak to me “in the Spirit.”

Eileen: “What does that mean, Mark? “in the Spirit.”

Mark: “Let me give you an example of what it means, OK?”

Eileen: “OK, Mark.”

Mark: “Let’s say I’m sitting in my rocking chair having a cup of tea – and Eileen comes to mind. And she says to me, “Tell me that you love me, Mark.”

Mark: “I love you, Eileen.”

Eileen: “Tell it to me again, Mark.”

Mark: “I love you, Eileen.”

Eileen: “Say it out loud, Mark – ten times.”

So, I say it out loud ten times – but not too loud [I wouldn’t want my neighbors to hear me and think I’m crazy.]

Eileen: “Mark, I want to enter you and experience with you this cup of tea you are drinking, OK?”

Mark: “OK, Eileen. In the name of the Lord Jesus you may enter me and experience drinking this cup of tea with me.”

Eileen: “Thank you, Mark.”

Mark: “You’re welcome, Eileen.”

Eileen: “Mark, I can see through your eyes. I’m seeing through your window. What a panoramic view you have of the North of Woonsocket. I can see Social Park out there; and seagulls flying over Cummings Way.”

Eileen: “Mark, would you open your mouth a little?”

Mark: “Why, Eileen?”

Eileen: “I want to kiss you, again, Mark – like we did standing on the beach in Galilee, Rhode Island in 1974 when we were 21 and 22 years old. And I breathed into you. Do you remember that, Mark?”

Mark: “Yes, Eileen. I remember it. And I would love for you to do that to me again.”

Eileen: Then let’s do it again, OK?”

Mark: “OK, Eileen.”


Concerning the phrase “in the Spirit”

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Roger Whittaker ~ I Don’t Believe in if Anymore ~ Baz… – YouTube

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