“Rulers of the World System — Behold What You Have Done by Your Ungodly Lawmaking!”

Tuesday, April 27th, 2021. 7:51 AM.

Rulers of the World System – Behold What You Have Done by Your Ungodly Lawmaking!

Legalized murdering unborn children in the womb – by the multi-millions

Legalized State-Sponsored gambling

Legalized the prohibition of public prayer in public schools for many decades . . . preferring atheism for the children of America

Legalized the monstrous growth of corporations that have created a Corporate State that is polluting earth and sea and fresh water and fresh air and polluting the minds of billions of people.

Devoted the Healthcare System to the Love of Money

Created a World Wide Web of Fraud and Corruption and Identity Theft

Putting the National Treasury in Deep Debt While Enriching Yourselves and the Corporate State

Paul Harvey – If I were the devil… 1965 – Updated Video – YouTube


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Shane & Shane: I Will Wait For You (Psalm 130) – YouTube

You Are Holy | Jesus Image Worship – YouTube

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