“The Cashier at the General Store”

Thursday, December 23rd, 2021. 12:28 AM.

The Cashier at the General Store

                This is likely to be a complicated story. It’s about girls and boys – so, it’s bound to be. I woke up from a nap mid-afternoon. And some thoughts came to mind about a character in an earlier story – the one about Gretchen – only the thoughts weren’t about the Gretchen character – they were about the Erin Deborah Ambrose character. Her real name is not Erin; it was changed for the story – so as not to be writing about and publishing the real-life person. And in my thoughts while waking up—if I can recall them now – about 3 hours and a cup of tea and a shopping trip to the general store, later – were like this. I’m trying to recall them . . .  Only vaguely can I remember them. Something about a dog named Marky Maybe. He lives in a dog house that is on the front lawn of a pretty road in Woonsocket, Rhode Island named Glen Road. His dog house is right near the sidewalk. And every time this pretty young girl comes walking down the road like Polly Anna, Marky Maybe the dog starts a wishin’ he was a boy her age. She sets his mind to musing like it was Springtime – and he was a young boy Polly Anna’s age – instead of an old dog. He whimpers at her. At his age he at least understands not to sound gruff to a young girl. She stops and looks at Marky the god – I mean the “dog” — see what she does to him? He spells backwards about her. Maybe she tried to cast a spell on him, and she made a mistake; and the spell turned out backwards.  Maybe she puts these stories into his mind, too – as he’s waking up from a nap in the afternoon. Maybe she’s playing wonderful mind games with him in the Spirit. Marky Maybe – even though he’s an old dog — can’t figure it out. Maybe it has to do with “the figure of a woman.” He’s only guessing, though; he really doesn’t know. So, when he got up, he had his cup of tea; and then he felt well enough to go shopping at the nearby general store.

                When he walked into the store, Phoebe the cashier was there. As he was shopping, he was musing about “what is it about her?” Why is she so special to him? he wondered. He understood, though. It is her face. Her face is so pretty that it’s like a very pretty work of art that a man with the eye of an artist just finds so “just right” that . . . well . . .  he just likes that work of art very much. Dog gone it, though – he’s so much older than she is . . . old enough to be her grandfather, even.  So her – I mean he – focuses his attention on his shopping. He understands if he tried anything – like giving her a Christmas card – she wouldn’t want it – wouldn’t want any special attention from that old man. So, he makes up his mind to only be about shopping while at the store. And if there is love there . . . Love will take care of everything . . . maybe. He doesn’t know. He can only imagine.

Polly Anna

Pollyanna – Refracted Light


Let’s Get Together (From “The Parent Trap”)

Let’s Get Together

About her face: he was thinking . . .

Her face brings “comfort and joy”

And it isn’t only her face . . .

Something else . . . her eyes and her personality

He can tell she is very bright

Very quick to understand

Her spirit is also bright

There is something about Phoebe . . .

Like that movie: “There’s Something About Mary” – except Mary in the movie was elderly.

In the Bible, the writer of the gospel according to Mark – his mother’s name is Mary.

And his name is John Mark.

And her name is in the Bible, too – Phoebe’s name.

In the book of Romans 16:1, 2. ESV.

The name Phoebe means “pure, bright”

Bright Eyes – Art Garfunkel

And the first letter of her first name is “P”

And his first letter is “M”


Post meridiem: “being after noon” -Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary 11th Edition

Tuesday Afternoon by The Moody Blues

Maybe another thing that is so special about Phoebe is suggested in her name – the be in Phoebe.

The writer wrote something and it’s posted somewhere in his blog about a character in one of his stories. Her name is Brenda the Bee. Brenda the Bee made a very special impression on another character named Little Sprout. And then there is also the be in Maybe Mark. Maybe one of the important things about being human is learning how to be.

Maybe my life now is in its “after noon”

Maybe in its evening . . .

Evening is PM, too.

Is it the Shekinah Glory he sees in her face and eyes and spirit and personality?

He doesn’t know.

May be it’s just this:

She strikes his heart with an arrow by her appearance.

There’s just something about her appearance – and how it affects him – her image.

Maybe . . . when he was so young – in the first two years of his life – for which he has no memories – maybe his pretty and young mother looked like Phoebe. He’s only wondering this – he doesn’t know.

Pentatonix – God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen (Official Video)

Beauty And The Beast – Celine Dion & Peabo Bryson – Lyrics – HQ Sound

Phoebe: “Mark, what do you want to do?”

Mark: “It isn’t about what I want to do.”

Phoebe: “Then what is it, Mark?”

Mark: “It’s about what we can be.”

Phoebe: “And what can we be?”

Mark: “We can be with Phoebe.”

Phoebe: “I’m already being Phoebe, Mark. That’s who I am.”

Mark: “And what about me?”

Phoebe: “Just be yourself, Mark. That’s all we can be.”

Mark: “We can be?”

Phoebe: “Yes, Mark. We can be.”

Mark: “What can we be, Phoebe?”

Phoebe: “We can be PM. We can be AM. We can be morning. We can be night.”

“Play Me” by Neil Diamond Lyric Video

Phoebe: “Are you ready to fall in love, Mark?”

Mark: “Well . . . I often feel like I’m about to fall these days.”

Phoebe: “What days?”

Mary Black – The Dimming of the Day

Phoebe: “Well, maybe you need a walker, Mark.”

Mark: “Phoebe, I only know your first name; and I was wondering if, maybe, your last name is Walker. Phoebe Walker. Do you like walking, Phoebe?”

Phoebe: “Is that the kind of walker you need, Mark? Someone to walk with you?”

Mark: “And someone to talk with me.”

Phoebe: “What would you like to talk about, Mark?”

Mark: “Oh . . . nothing.”

Phoebe: “You want to talk about nothing?”

Mark: “Sweet nothings.”

When I Fall In Love (Lyric Video) Nat King Cole

Phoebe: “Tell me a “sweet nothing” Mark – if you can think of one.”

Mark: “I can’t think of one right now, Phoebe. Sorry. Maybe it’s because of the Shekinah Glory that I cannot imagine sweet nothings now.

Phoebe: “Well, don’t worry about it, Mark. It’s nothing. I was just curious what you might reply, that’s all.”

Mark: “It is very sweet of you, Phoebe, to be kind and understanding like that.”

Phoebe: “And your response is also kind and understanding and sweet, Mark.”

Mark: “Thank you, Phoebe. And just one more thing, if I may?”

Phoebe: “What is it, Mark?”

Mark: “It’s about those two verses of Scripture about Phoebe.”

Phoebe: “What about them, Mark?”

Mark: “Well, these are those two verses: “I commend to you our sister Phoebe, a servant of the church at Cenchreae, that you may welcome her in the Lord in a way worthy of the saints, and help her in whatever she may need from you, for she has been a patron of many and of myself as well.” -Romans 16:1, 2. ESV Study Bible.

Phoebe: “Do you wish to welcome me, Mark – and to help me in whatever I may need from you?”

Mark: “Yes, Phoebe.”

Phoebe: “Seriously, Mark . . . Are you feeling up to falling in love?”

Mark: “Does anyone ever feel up to falling in love? I feel tired and old – to be honest with you.”

Phoebe: “Then why are you writing like this?”

Mark: “Maybe my heart is ready but the rest of me is feeling its age. And maybe the Lord wants these words to be written — so they occur to me – and I write them down.”

Phoebe: “But why are you giving them to me? Why not just post this on your blog as you usually do?”

Mark: “Maybe the Lord wants this writing to be given to you, Phoebe. And maybe the Lord requires me to show you the respect and consideration of asking you if it’s ok to post this writing about you on my blog – where anyone may read it.”

Phoebe: “And why should it be posted where anyone may read it?”

Mark: “Maybe it could be helpful to many to read it. Maybe they might find it encouraging and hopeful. And, if you believe in him; maybe he will speak to your heart about this; and give you an understanding and guidance; and maybe comfort and joy – and wisdom, too – perhaps. I don’t know.”

Love Changes Everything (lyrics) Michael Ball & II Divo

Phoebe: “How are you feeling right now, Mark?”

Mark: “Feeling very sleepy at 8:52 AM. I’d like to stop writing; put this PC to sleep; and go take a nap.”

Phoebe: “Go and get some rest, Mark. Sleep well and thanks for writing to me.”

Mark: “You’re welcome, Phoebe.”

Holy, Holy, Holy – Audrey Assad

God With Us

Mark: “Phoebe, I hope you will forgive me – because I think I’m going to just post this on my blog – rather than print a copy and try to give it to you at the cash register.”

Phoebe: “Why, Mark?”

Mark: “It just seems like the easiest way to do it. And, maybe, it would not be comfortable for you if I tried to give a 6-page letter to you. You may not even know my name. And you may not even know that I write about you and that I have this blog where I publish my writing.”

Phoebe: “It’s OK, Mark. If it’s meant to be that I should see your writing about me, then I will see it.”

Mark: “Thank you for your understanding, Phoebe. And Merry Christmas to you.”

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