“An Essay About the Word Mean”

Sunday Night, January 9th, 2022. 10:09 PM.

An Essay About the Word Mean

In the form of a dialogue —

Not in the form of “the figure of a woman”

No, that’s not what I mean  – except when I’m imagining things . . . romantic things . . .

April: “Well then, what do you mean, August?”

August: “I just mean to discuss the word mean, if you know what I mean.”

April: “I really don’t know what you mean – unless you tell me, August.”

August: “Well, that’s what I mean to get you to understand – you know what I mean, now, April?”

April: “No, I still don’t know what you mean, about that word.”

August: “What word?”

April: “You know very well what word I mean, August.”

August: “Do I really?”

April: “Yes, really.”

August: “Really what?”

April: “This is beginning to remind me of a non-comedy routine between Abbott and Costello. Remember them talking about “Who’s On First?”

August: “Yea, I remember.”

April: “Why do you have to be so serious, anyway? Why don’t you lighten up and be like them? See the humor in life – like Seinfeld.”

August: “OK April. OK. I see what you mean.”

April: “Please, August. Don’t get started on that word again, OK? I really mean it. I’ve had enough of that for now.”

August: “Maybe you’re just getting too serious about a mere word, April.”

April: “And what word might that be, August?”

August: “I’m not going to say it; so don’t even try to get me started, dear. OK?”

April: “Why don’t we change the atmosphere here, darling. Let’s listen to some music.”

August: “OK, April. Let’s do that.”

April: So, April plays a song.

Sammy Davis What Kind of Fool Am I

August: “April, of all the songs in the world, why did you choose that one? I mean what did you mean by playing that one?”

April: “I really didn’t mean anything — I mean anything other than to change the atmosphere here . . . between us. It was getting so serious . . . if you know what I mean, August. August . . . don’t look at me like that!”

August: “Like what?”

April: “Like you just looked at me. You had such a mean look in your eyes.”

August: “I apologize, April. I really didn’t mean it.”

April: “You were just fooling me, weren’t you, August? See, that’s why that song came to mind. I knew in my heart that you really were only kidding. Why did you do that, August?”

August: “Because that’s “What Kind of Fool I Am” April.”

April: “And what kind of fool are you, August?”

Nat King Cole sings “My Foolish Heart” – (with lyrics)

August: “What kind of fool would you love to love, April?”

April: “Well, let me think about that for a moment or two, August. This could be an important moment in my life . . . the kind of fool I would love to love . . .  hmmmm –a sincere fool, August, is the kind of fool I would love to love — with all my foolish heart.”

August: “And what makes your heart foolish, dear?”

April: “Insincerity makes my heart foolish.”

August: “So, you want to be loved by a sincere fool. And your insincere heart would love that fool for his sincere love for you?”

April: “I know it sounds foolish, August; but that is really the only kind of fool I could love with all my insincere heart. Honestly, that is just how I am.”

August: “Well, April, I sincerely love your honesty about your insincere heart that can only love a fool who sincerely loves you?”

April: “August darling — Could you be that sincere fool who really loves me?”

August: “I sincerely want to be that kind of fool who really loves you, April.”

April: “Do you really mean it, August?”

August: “I sincerely mean it, April. Really.”

April: “Alright, August. I’m going to let my insincere heart love your sincerely foolish heart – if you really mean it, August.”

August: “I really mean to sincerely love you, April. And just maybe, April, your heart will begin to sincerely love mine.”

April: “I sincerely hope so, August – to sincerely love you, darling.”

Nat King Cole – When I Fall In Love (with lyrics)

Bobby Darin – Dream Lover (Subtitulada en español)

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