“What Is Wrong with the World?”

Tuesday, March 29th, 2022. 9:28 AM

What’s Wrong with the World?

It’s under the influence of “the god of this world” – the devil –

He’s “the father of lies and a murderer from the beginning”

Those who don’t believe in True God and the gospel of God are being punished by True God —

Because they love the world that lies in wickedness and the things of the world that are all passing away.

True God allows those unbelievers to be deceived by many falsehoods that the world dangles before their minds and hearts and souls and bodies.

True God does not deceive them; nor does He tempt them.

They are deceived by the world that they turn to and love.

They love politics and pride and self and the devil and money and power.

Those things lead them astray.

Worldly false religion also leads them astray.

Worldly religion teaches “another Jesus” and “another gospel” and “another sacrifice” – the sacrifice of the mass.”

Satan the devil masquerades as “an angel of light.”

And they learn and believe his lies in “the synagogue of Satan.”

The unbelievers scoff at the truth and swallow the lie.

They take the worm-on-the-hook and are hooked by the deceiver.

They are not free

They are in bondage.

And on election day they elect to put their trust in man rather than in True God.

And man gives them the world’s permission to kill their own unborn children; and gamble and buy lottery tickets; and invest in stocks and bonds and mutual funds; and love the things of this world that are all passing away – rather than loving True God and believing His gospel; and faithfully waiting for His kingdom to come.

True God gives us free choice

We may believe on His Son, the Savior of the world


Go to the devil and be damned in hell.

By the Rivers of Babylon ( with lyrics)

John 1

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