“April and August in Dialogue”

Thursday, March 31st, 2022. 9:35 AM

April and August in Dialogue

April had not spoken with August in almost two years

He wrote and sent letters to her many times during those two years.

She never replied.

Eventually, August began finding his letters to April in his mailbox, unopened.

One at a time they were being returned.

He also texted April many times.

She never replied – after the day she called him almost two years ago and they had a normal conversation for almost a half hour. A few hours later, April texted August and told him it had been nice talking with him earlier that day; and he was welcome to call her once in a while if he felt like talking.

He texted back to her that he loved her and called her lady April.

She texted back to him that he shouldn’t be talking to her like that; and to push her out of his mind and forget about her.

He wondered about the abrupt change in her attitude toward him.

He thought of the story by Robert Lewis Stephenson:

“Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.”

He had never read that novel

He only read about it.

Almost two years later, he wanted to call her

But he couldn’t do it.

He could only think about her and wonder.

He wanted to be friends with her

He wanted to have conversations with her

He wanted to hear the sound of her voice speaking to him.

He imagined conversations between them.

Like this

He calls her on the phone . . .

August: “Hi April. Can we talk?”

April: “Talk about what, August?”

August: “Anything. Would just like to hear your voice speaking to me.”

April: “I told you to push me out of your mind and forget about me, August!”

August: “Yes, April. You did. You also texted me that I was welcome to call you once in a while if I felt like talking.”

April: “Well, do you feel like talking to me?”

August: “I’d prefer to let you lead the conversation; and for me to just go along with what you talk about.”

April: “And why do you prefer it that way, August?”

August: “It seems more lovely to me – to go along with you – rather than leading you. As long as you lead in an honest and truthful way – like Jesus.”

April: “Why, August?”

August: “That’s just the way I feel about being with you, Eileen — I mean April.”

April: “Who is Eileen, Mark? — I mean August?”

August: “Eileen is someone who was in my class at St. Charles School for 5 years. She was very pretty. She caught my attention during our 7th and 8th grades – 1964 — 1966.”

April: “Did anything else happen between you two?”

August: “Eight years later we began dating when we were 21 and 22 years old — in 1974.”

April: “And how did that go?”

August: “It seemed to be going alright for almost three months. Then it changed. And then it ended.”

April: “Well, you can’t go back to St. Charles School and be in class with her anymore. The building has been torn down; and even if it was still there, 70-year-olders aren’t allowed to go back to 7th and 8th grades.”

August: “I know.”

April: “Maybe, August, missing her is exactly what you’re supposed to be doing now.”

August: “How so, April?”

April: “Maybe it’s spiritual, August.”

August: “What do you mean, April?”

April: “Did you ever hear the phrase: “absence makes the heart grow fonder,”?

August: “Yes.”

April: “Well, maybe that is what your heart needs, August: to grow fonder; and maybe, to break open like a seed – that sprouts and becomes something more special than you could ever imagine, August.”

April: “August, are you interested in botany?”

August: “Do you mean the science of flowers and plants?”

April: “Yes.”

August: “No, that doesn’t interest me at all.”

April: “Why not?”

August: “I’m not interested in the itty-bitty details about plant life from a scientific point of view.”

April: “What about going for a walk with me, August – just to enjoy walking outside in the fresh air and sunshine? Springtime is coming, August. There will be flowers to see and birds to hear. Maybe your heart will begin to grow fonder. Maybe the Springtime of your life is only just beginning, August.”

August: “That, I would like to do, April –walk with you in the Springtime.”

April: “OK, August. Let’s do that.”

Evergreen – Susan Jacks HD

My Eyes Adored You – Frankie Valli – Four Seasons – w/lyrics

Agnus Dei by michael w. smith.wmv/video transition editing with lyrics on que created by keyedlife

Ed Sheeran – Thinking Out Loud (Official Music Video)

My Eyes Adored You (w/lyrics) by Mr. Frankie Valli

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