“One Pillow Is Enough for Two When They Become One”

Monday, March 13th, 2023. 3:44 PM

One Pillow Is Enough for Two When They Become One

April . . . Still Thinking of You

It’s been about two or three weeks that I’ve been having thoughts of you.

I guess I’m just lonely for you —

So, I imagine conversations with you, like this one.


 Putting a dish cloth away in the pantry

And as I did that I thought:

August: “Hi April.”

April: “August, I’m sleeping. Don’t say another word!” [It was 11:35 PM].

August: “OK, April.”

April: “Don’t say another word. I mean it!”

August: “Sorry. I didn’t mean to awaken you.”

April awakens and sighs. “You woke me up, August! What is it? Why did you do that?”

August: “I didn’t realize you were sleeping, April.”

April: “How could you not realize I was sleeping — at 11:30 at night?”

August: “I just thought of you and out of my heart came that greeting. It was really only a thought. I didn’t call you on the phone. I didn’t say a word out loud. It’s wonderful that you can hear my thoughts, April – even while you’re sleeping. We must be “in the Spirit” together. Maybe it’s because we both believe in Jesus. Maybe His Spirit is connecting us.”

April: “Well, now that I’m awake what do you want to do?”

August: “I suppose that within an hour or even less I’ll be getting sleepy and going to bed.”

April: “OK then; maybe that’s what we can do – go to sleep. We can both sleep at the same time “in the Spirit” – OK?”

August: “OK, April. By the way April, I only own one pillow; but, it’s a large one. I hope it’s large enough for you to rest your head on it at the same time as I’m resting mine there.”

April: “August, just think of it this way. I’m in you. So, when we are in bed, we only need one pillow. I don’t take up any space at all; since I live inside you.”

August: “OK April.”

April: “And that is how and why I can hear your thoughts to me.”

August: “OK, April.”

April: “Do you like that I live inside you, August?”

August: “Yes, I do, April. I love you inside me – in the Spirit inside me. Maybe we are one in spirit, soul, and body – even the spiritual body.”

April: “Well, I hope you come to bed soon – because how can I be asleep unless you are also asleep with me? And remember . . . no talking in bed, OK?”

August: “OK, April. April?”

April: “What is it now, August?”

August: “I love you, April.”

April: “What is it about me that you love, August?”

August: “I love the memory I have of you – the way you look. And the look in your eyes when you look at me. I can tell you exactly what I mean by song.”

April: “Alright, August . . . tell me how you love me – by song.”

Lyrics~I Love How You Love Me-Paris Sisters

Lyrics~I Love How You Love Me-Paris Sisters – YouTube

When i need you -Leo Sayer (with lyrics ) [HQ]

When i need you -Leo Sayer (with lyrics ) [HQ] – YouTube

Chicago – You’re The Inspiration [Lyrics]

Chicago – You’re The Inspiration [Lyrics] – YouTube

Glory Of Love (Music lyrics) by: Peter Cetera

Glory Of Love (Music lyrics) by: Peter Cetera – YouTube

Loving Her Was Easier Than Anything I’ll Ever Do Again Kris Kristofferson with lyrics | 2017

Loving Her Was Easier Than Anything I’ll Ever Do Again Kris Kristofferson with lyrics | 2017 – YouTube

If you could read my mind by Gordon Lightfoot w/ lyrics

If you could read my mind by Gordon Lightfoot w/ lyrics – YouTube

April: “August, as I AM in you . . . I want you to be in me – in my heart.”

August: “OK, April.”

April: “Do you know how to do that, August?”

August: “By the Way and the Truth and the Life.”

April: “Are those the words of Jesus our Savior?”

August: “Yes.”

Lady – Little River Band (Lyrics)

Lady – Little River Band (Lyrics) – YouTube

Phil Collins – Can’t Stop Loving You (Official Lyrics Video)

Phil Collins – Can’t Stop Loving You (Official Lyrics Video) – YouTube

April: “August, what are you doing now?”

August: “I’m going to bed for the night – hoping to sleep long and deep.”

8 hours later

April: “August?”

August: “Yes, April?”

April: “Did you sleep well – long and deep – in me – as I slept well – long and deep in you?”

August: “Yes, April.”

April: “So how are you feeling now?”

August: “Rested and slowed down.”

April: “Let’s have a cup of tea together; that might help us feel more awake and maybe invigorated.”

August: “That’s how I always start the day, April. Maybe we are compatible. Maybe we both think alike and enjoy the same kinds of things.”

April: “Maybe so . . .”

August: “Wondering what your full name is, April?”

April: “My full name is April Light Shower.”

August: “I like that name! It sounds refreshing. And April is my favorite month of the year. And Springtime is my favorite season. And I believe the earth really likes April, too – since the Earth thaws – becoming soft again and able to receive seeds and then sprout those seeds and give life and support to them – as a good mother gives birth to her children and gives them their nourishment; and seeing them grow and awaken and become more than they ever were before.”

April: “And what is your full name, August?”

August: “My full name is August Deepening Dawn.”

April: “I like the name Dawn. It suggests light – which is my middle name. We may have some things in common. We may be spiritually related by Light, August. I wonder about the meaning of “deepening” – deepening dawn . . . hmmm.”

August: “Light penetrates darkness. Light is spiritual – it can be seen – but not taken hold of. It may be appreciated – but not grasped. Love and freedom are also spiritual.”

April: “Our first names also have connections – they are both names of months – one is the name of early Spring – the other is the name of the latter part of Summer. Maybe it’s a sign that we are both a part of something greater than ourselves – a greater wholeness.”

August: “Thinking of a love song, now, April.”

April: “What love song, August?”

August: “I.O.U.” I OWE YOU – LEE GREENWOOD – YouTube

Christy Moore:Lyrics:Bright Blue Rose – YouTube

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