“A Week Later”

A Week Later

July 8, 2019. Monday. 10:47 PM.

The Return of the Neighbor

God Moves in a Mysterious Way

A week later, little marky knocks on the door again in hope of visiting with his neighbor friends again. It is a Saturday morning. Lise answers the door again. She smiles when she sees little marky standing there. When he sees Lise smile he smiles too.

Lise: “Hi marky. You remembered us.”

Marky: “Sure did, Lise.”

Lise: “What’s that you have in your bag there?”

Marky. “It’s my new Bible.”

Lise: “How did you get a Bible at 5 years old?”

Marky: “I asked mom to buy one for me when she went shopping at McCarthy’s on Main Street. It’s even a study Bible and has explanatory footnotes on every page; and a concordance at the back so I can look up verses that the Holy Spirit reminds me of sometimes.”

Lise: “What book in the Bible have you been reading, marky?”

Marky: “I been continuing where we left off, Lise, in chapter one of Mark – where you got me started last week – learning the gospel.”

Lise: “Well, come on in, marky. Did you have breakfast already?”

Marky: “Yes, I did. Thank you.”

Lise: “Would you like to come into the living room and visit with me, marky?”

Marky: “Yes.”

Lise: “Follow me, please.”

So, Lise and marky walk into the living room and sit down.

Lise: “How are things going with you, marky?”

Marky: “OK.”

Lise: “It seems you like books.”

Marky: “Yes, I like to read. It’s such a quiet, peaceful thing to do.”

Lise: “What other books have you read?”

Marky: “The first book I ever read was “The Mystery of the Lighthouse.” Borrowed it from the public library on Social Street. It was a hardback with a green cover and a sketch of a lighthouse on the front.”

Lise: “And what was the story about?”

Marky: “After I read the last page and closed the book I wondered the same thing, Lise. I couldn’t remember much – but, I really did read every single word of it, honestly!”

Lise: “Well, maybe next time you read a book you can remember to ask yourself as you’re reading it, What is happening, here?”

Marky: “Thank you, Lise. That sounds like a helpful suggestion. I will do that. And I’ll remember you every time I ask myself that question.”

Lise: “Would you like a cup of cold water, marky?”

Marky: “Yes please. . . Just noticed something, Lise.”

Lise: “What did you just notice, marky?”

Marky: “Your name Lise rhymes with please.

Lise: “And what does your name rhyme with, Mark?”

Marky: “It would be interesting to hear what words you think of that rhyme with my name.”

Lise: “OK. Let’s see . . . Mark rhymes with lock and dark and ark and rock and park. And what other words does Lise rhyme with?”

Marky: “Oh well, let me think for a moment . . . sees and keys and knees and trees and breeze and ease.”

Lise: “Come into the kitchen with me, marky, so we can continue our conversation.”

So, Lise and marky walk into the kitchen together. And Lise pulls a kitchen chair away from the table there for her neighbor to sit down. Then she opens the refrigerator and takes out a pitcher of water and fills two cups and carries them to the table and sits down at the table, facing marky.

Lise: “Marky, how has your stomach been, lately?”

Marky: “Oh well, sometimes it hurts and sometimes it doesn’t. You remembered that about our visit last week? Thank you, Lise. You are very kind to me. You remind me of a song.”

Lise: “What song is that?”

Marky: “Come Saturday Morning (The Sandpipers)”

Lise: “Why do I remind you of that song?”

Marky: “It’s about friendship and Saturday morning. And I just want to visit with you on Saturday morning, Lise.”

Lise: “Am I your friend, marky?”

Marky: “I want you to be my friend, Lise – if you’re willing.”

Lise: “I’m willing, marky.”

Marky: “Thank you, Lise. And I’m your friend, too.”

Lise: “You’re welcome.”

Lise: “May I call you Mark, rather than marky?”

Mark: “Yes, Lise.”

Lise: “Mark, do you enjoy listening to music?”

Mark: “Yes, I do. Sometimes, mom brings home these 45 rpm records from her shopping trips – songs by Ricky Nelson and Elvis Presley — to name a few. And we have this little record player on top of the TV in the parlor; so I put it into the player — as soon as mom gives the newest one to me – and then sit down and listen to it. And while I’m listening, I look at the picture on the paper sleeve. Ricky Nelson has a remarkably straight hair line above his forehead.”

Lise: “Mark, would you enjoy listening to a song with me in the living room? We have a record player, too – and a collection of records.”

Mark: “OK, Lise.”

So, Lise and Mark walk into the living room again. And Lise shows Mark her collection of records.

Ricky Nelson – Hello Mary Lou, 1961 (Stereo-Mix)

Elvis Presley – Can’t Help Falling In Love (Audio

Stand By Me, Ben E King, 1961

After listening to the records for a few minutes, Lise gets an idea that she would like to dance with Mark.

Lise: “Mark?

Mark: “Yes, Lise?”

Lise: “Do you know how to dance?”

Mark: “I’ve seen dancing on TV; but, I never did it, yet.”

Lise: “May I show you how to dance, Mark?”

Mark: “OK, Lise.”

So, Lise stands up. And Mark gets up, too.

Lise: “Mark, put your right hand into my left hand. And put your left hand lightly on my hip, if you please.”

So, Mark follows Lise’s instructions and places his hand in Lise’s hand and his other hand gently on her hip. And Lise places her right hand on Mark’s left shoulder.

Lise: “Now, Mark, just follow my lead, OK? As I move, you move, too.”

So, Mark follows Lise’s moves step by step — and thinks of Captain Kirk of the Starship Enterprise when he says to the helms man: “Steady as she goes, Mr. Chekov. Impulse power.” And he feels like his whole life is entering into a momentous moment as he follows Lise’s moves as perfectly as he can; gently and peacefully – like “impulse power” – steady as she goes . . .

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