“We Walk By Faith, Not By Sight”

Sunday, July 14th, 2019. 12:08 AM.

“For We Walk By Faith, Not By Sight” -2 Corinthians 5:7 (NIV).

The next Saturday morning came around and marky was remembering his neighbor friend, Lise.

So, he walked over to the white house where she lived and knocked on her door, again. Lise opened the door.

Mark: “Hello, Mary Lou.”

Lise: “Mary Lou?”

Mark: “I mean, Good morning, Lise.”

Lise: “Good morning, Ricky.”

Mark: “Ricky?”

Lise: “I mean, Hey Mark.”

Hello, Mary Lou RICKY NELSON (with lyrics)

Mark: “Lise, you remind me of a new song, lately.”

Lise: “What song am I reminding you of now, Mark?”

Mark: “You Were Always on my Mind.”

“ALWAYS ON MY MIND – Willie Nelson (Lyrics)”

Lise: “Mark, you’re all wet. You walked all the way over here in the rain just to see me?”

Mark: “I didn’t even notice it was raining, Lise.”

“Kathy’s Song with Lyrics – Simon & Garfunkel”

Lise: “How could you not notice it was raining?”

Mark: “I read in the Bible that we walk by faith not by sight. So, I just didn’t pay any attention to the raindrops falling on my head.”

“B J Thomas – Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head Lyrics”

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