“The Joy of Conversation”

Sunday, July 28, 2019. 2:51 PM

April and August Were Dialoguing

[“in spirit and in truth”]

See John 4:21-26 NIV Study Bible.

August: “April, my back itches.”

April: “Well, scratch it.”

August: “It feels picky.”

April: “Picky? August, are you speaking “French” again? Just scratch it again.”

August: “I did. And now it itches again.”

April: “Well, at least you’re speaking English again.”

August: “It keeps itching, April.”

April: “Rub your back against a tree like the bears do in Canada.”

August: “We don’t have any trees in here, April.”

April: “Go outside and find one.”

August: “April, why don’t you scratch my back?”

April: “August, I never promised to be your back scratcher when I married you.”

August: “What did you promise when you married me?”

April: “I don’t remember. Did I marry you?”

August: “Well, I married you. So, you must have married me. I couldn’t have done it all by myself. And I can’t scratch my back by myself — with this shoulder pain. So, be a dear and scratch my back, April?”

April finally scratches August’s back.

April: “I’m going to buy a tree for you next Christmas, August – and plant it right here in the living room.”

August: “What kind of tree, April?”

April: “An Aloe Vera tree. Every time you rub your back on it it’ll soothe your skin to take away the itch.”

August: “And what would you like for Christmas?”

April: “I don’t know; but, my back is starting to itch, too. August, would you rub my back with some aloe vera, please?”

August: “Sure, April.”

As August is rubbing April’s back . . .

April: “I remember marrying you, now, August. It’s all coming back to me . . .  even our marriage song.”

August: “What was that song, April?”

April: “There Is Love (Wedding Song) Paul Stookey – Rebecca De La Torre cover” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hrCeTvjQs00

Peter, Paul and Mary – Wedding Song “There is Love” (25th Anniversary Concert)

“When I Fall in Love – The Lettermen”

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