“Joseph and Mary and Sister Mary Carleen”

Sunday, February 16th, 2020. 8:22 AM.

Joseph and Mary and Sister Mary Carleen

My mom liked to sew; so, when Sister Mary Carleen needed robes for Mary and Joseph for her first-grade class to enact a procession in the classroom commemorating the time of Jesus’ birth, Sister asked my mom to make those robes. And then, perhaps, I don’t know, because it was my mom who had made those robes, Sister selected me to wear Joseph’s brown robe and walk with Eileen in her blue robe as Joseph and Mary in this first-grade classroom procession. Now, I should explain that this Eileen in my first-grade class is not the same Eileen who was in my class from 4th-grade to 8th grade.

Now, this is how the little procession played out in the classroom as I remember it: Mary [Eileen] and Joseph [Mark] were walking together perhaps toward the stable. And Sister instructed the two of us to turn right at a certain point in the procession – but, when we got to that point – “Joseph” turned the opposite way and “Mary” went with him. So, Sister stopped the procession and told “Joseph” to turn with “Mary” the other way. And then we started the procession again; and when we got to the place where we were to turn right “Joseph” turned the other way again and “Mary” went with him. So, Sister stopped the procession again and had me take off the brown robe and give it to Michael. And then, the new Joseph walked with the same Mary and proceeded properly to the stable. It may be noteworthy that the same Michael who walked with Eileen the First, seven years later was being footsied by Eileen the Second, in 8th grade – as recounted in the story: “Remembering Eileen in the 8th Grade”


It is also noteworthy that Eileen the First moved away after we completed first grade. Mark hasn’t seen her since. And Eileen the Second appeared in Mark’s homeroom in our junior year of high school for a few weeks and then she wasn’t there anymore. The name Eileen means light. There is light during the day; but, the light goes away during the night.

Silent Night – WITH LYRICS – Christmas Song For Kids

And Mark’s mother’s name is Beulah.

And the name Beulah is in the Bible.

“No longer will they call you Deserted,

Or name your land Desolate.

But you will be called Hephzibah,

And your land Beulah;

For the LORD will take delight in you,

And your land will be married.” -Isaiah 62:4. NIV.

Sweet Beulah Land – Squire Parsons

I heard that Eileen the Second married a man named Joseph.

It was her second marriage.

She also has a daughter named Mary.

I don’t know what happened to Eileen the First –

Except that she had two Josephs in the first grade.

I don’t know what Eileen the Second’s first husband’s first name is.

Michael won a scholarship to a prestigious high school and studied art history in college, I heard.

The Highwaymen – Michael (Row The Boat Ashore)

The name Michael is in the Bible -Revelation 12:7. NIV.

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