“Phoebe Love”

Friday, March 13th, 2020. 1:03 AM.

Dearest Phoebe

It’s 12:34 AM

I was in bed waiting for sleep

I was thinking of you, of writing to you

I had to get up and write it down

I had already gotten out of bed and written down something to you

This is my second getting out of bed tonight

Like a young mother getting up to take care of her baby

I get up to take care of my love

If she speaks to my heart

I must write to her

I was recalling how I addressed an envelope to you today

For my first letter to you on paper

I wrote Phoebe in the front center of the white envelope

And then below and to the right, I wrote Mark

Then, I wanted to decorate your name

So, I found a pretty Forever stamp that has the word Love on it surrounded by flowers

So, I placed the stamp right beside your name, Phoebe

So, then it looked like your name is Phoebe Love – with Mark underneath and to the right.

Then, I started thinking “Phoebe Love Mark”

And that name reminded me of a movie from about the 1970s called


And I seemed to recall E.T. saying

“E.T. call home.”

And Phoebe rhymes with E.T.

And, I started thinking:

Phoebe Love Mark and then, Phoebe Love Marky

[Phoebe and Marky rhyme – like Be and Key]

And then:

Phoebe Wheatena Love Marky Maypo

And now I’m thinking:

Phoebe’s going to think Marky’s crazy

Phoebe Call Home

Phoebe Come Home

Phoebe come home to Marky

You Decorated My Life – Kenny Rogers (Lyrics) HD

March 13, 2020

8:09 PM

Please do not be frightened

This is of the Lord

And the Lord is God

When Jesus was on earth He did no harm to anyone.

Even when he cast out demons

The ones he cast the demons out of were not harmed at all

So, do not fear

Only believe in Him

In Jesus, the Son of Man, the Son of God.

I write these assuring words so that the following posts may not frighten those who are easily frightened.

E.T.,The Extra-Terrestrial

Ride in the Sky – E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial (9/10) Movie CLIP (1982) HD

“Fear not, little flock, for it is your Father’s good pleasure to give you the kingdom.” -Luke 12:32. ESV.

Luke 12

His Eye is On The Sparrow

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