“El Marco’s Secret Journal”

Friday, May 1st, 2020. 5:12 AM.

El Marco’s Secret Journal

Not to Be Seen by Anyone


Lady Sonora of the Lord

And like-hearted members of their lonely-hearts league.

only the lonely Roy Orbison

Monday evening April, 27th 2020. 8:43 PM. Dear Lady Sonora, may I confide in you my private thoughts? I need someone to write to — a confidante if you will?

Lady Sonora: “You may write to me, El Marco. What is on your mind and in your heart that you need to confide to a lady?”

El Marco: “Well, dear Lady, thank you so much for permitting me to write to you. It may be very helpful and healing for me to have a kindly confidante to commune with. A song is coming to mind that has the word confidant in it. May I play this song to you, dear Lady? And may I enjoy the liberty of sometimes calling you, my Lady Love of the Lord our God?”

Lady Sonora: “Let me hear this song you wish to send me, first. I happen to enjoy music very much. It may be a blessing to my heart that inclines my affection for you, El Marco; so that I am pleased to be your confidante; and perhaps my love will more easily and happily go out to thee.”

Eva Cassidy Fields of Gold lyrics

Lady Sonora: “El Marco, I did not hear the word confidante in that song; however, it was so beautiful that I thank you anyway for confiding it to my heart. I am touched by it.”

El Marco: “I will have to search in my heart and memory, then, to find the song with that word in it, my Lady.”

Lady Sonora: “I look forward to receiving it from you, El Marco.”

El Marco: “Yes, my Lady.”

El Marco: “I searched for it, my Lady, and couldn’t find it, yet; however, I did find another music video of the same song that is also beautiful. Would you like for me to send it to thee, my Love?”

Lady Sonora: “Yes, my darling. Send it to me, please.”

El Marco: Fields Of Gold (Lyrics) – EVA CASSIDY

El Marco: “Lady Sonora, I believe this singer is the one who sings a song that speaks of “my confidante;” however, those words are not in this song of hers. This song, though, is also so beautiful that I beg your permission, my Lady Love, to send it to you. And while you are listening to it, I’ll seek to find the other one that speaks of “my confidante.” Is that acceptable to you, Lady Sonora?”

Lady Sonora: “Yes, it is.”

At The End Of The Day

No End

Eva Cassidy FIELDS OF GOLD Extended SPECIAL Video LYRICS HD HQ Audio

Sandy Denny | No End

El Marco: “Sonora, I really did hear a song about “a confidante.” And I’ve been trying to find it again to send it to you; but, I just can’t. And, I’m wondering if God has a reason for not letting me find it.”

Sonora: “And what might be His reason, Mark?”

Mark: “Maybe He wants me to bring up something else in this letter to you, dear Lady Love.”

Sonora: “And what might that be, Mark?”

Mark: “Maybe it is this: That we can’t always find what we want in life.”

Sonora: “And what do you want in life, Mark?”

Mark: “A beautiful young lady.”

Sonora: “How young and how beautiful do you want her to be?”

Mark: “Well, maybe medium beautiful and medium young.”

Sonora: “Why only medium beautiful and medium young?”

Mark: “Well, if she’s too beautiful she would overwhelm me.”

Sonora: “Really, Mark? You are that sensitive to beauty?”

Mark: “Yes, I am.”

Sonora: “Would you tell me more about this sensitivity to beauty? It sounds intriguing to me.”

Mark: “Well, my Lady Love, without going into excruciating explicity about such a personal subject, let me just explain it like this: Imagine someone who loves sunny days; however, he only goes out for a walk early in the morning or late in the afternoon – to avoid the heat and the power of the sun’s light at high noon.”

Sonora: “I like your metaphorical way of confiding your sensitivity to me, Mark. May I enjoy another illustration of your predicament with beauty?”

Mark: “Yes, my Lady Love. I would be happy to tell you more since it is a joy to me to confide in you. Imagine someone wanting a beautiful picture to hang on the wall in his room where he drinks his tea. Now, he understands before he goes out in search of his picture that it must be just right for him; otherwise, it just won’t have the effect he wants as he tries to enjoy his morning cup of tea. So, he contemplates his need beforehand. He decides that the picture ought to be beautiful, but in a way that allows him to remain in a peaceful state of mind in the early morning. So, he is inclined to look for a landscape picture of a peaceful country scene, a picture that includes some things of human interest for him to contemplate; like, perhaps some birds or animals or a human being of medium beauty.”

Sonora: “That is very interesting, Mark. Would you help me to understand what medium beauty in a human being looks like to you?”

Mark: “Well, I would say that, if that human being in the picture was a lady, I would need her to be of medium figure.”

Sonora: “And what do you mean by a medium figure?”

Mark: “Well, to be discreet about such a delicate subject, my Lady, a medium figure would be of lovely definition in shape – but mercifully so.”

Sonora: “Mercifully so, you say?”

Mark: “Yes, my Lady.”

Sonora: “And, if you will permit me, Mark, to ask a further question on this delicate subject to you: How beautiful do you wish her face to be?”

Mark: “As beautiful as very pretty is beautiful.”

Sonora: “And what does very pretty look like to you, Mark?”

Mark: “Well, my Lady, if I may be permitted to say it: I saw a picture of you, my Lady, and your face looked very pretty to me.”

Sonora: “Well, thank you, Mark.”

Mark: “Welcome, my Lady.”

Sonora: “And was my figure medium beautiful to you, also?”

Mark: “Yes, my Lady, your figure was most very beautiful to my heart and soul and mind and spirit.”

Sonora: “Well then, would you like a picture of your most very medium beautiful Lady to place in your room for teatime, Mark?”

Mark: “Yes, my Lady. And do you know what, Lady Sonora?”

Sonora: “Tell me, please.”

Mark: “I found the song with the words My Confidante in it, my Lady; and it is coming into my understanding, dear lady, as we commune in this dialogue, that beauty is also a medium, a medium of connection, like love, that draws and joins two together in the beauty of love. And since God is Love, then He is the beautiful medium.”

Sonora: “And what song is it, Mark?”

Mark: “It is titled: Mary Black – The Dimming of the Day”

Sonora: “Mark, that song by Mary Black is very beautiful to me. However, while listening to it, I was recalling your words about searching for a picture of a country scene; and another music video came into my mind that I wonder maybe even better for us, my Love.”

Mark: “And what was that music video that came into your mind, Sonora?”

Sonora: “It is called “Beulah Land.”

Mark: “Would you send that song to me, my Lady Love of our Lord God?”

Sonora: “Yes, my Love. Here it is for you, Mark:”

Sweet Beulah Land – Squire Parsons

Mark: “Sonora, could that song be fore us? And could that country be for us? And could it be more than a music video? Could it be for real? The reason I ask is because I read in the Holy Scriptures about a land named Beulah — which means married. It is found in the book of Isaiah 62:4 NIV.”

Sonora: “Yes, Mark. That country could in deed be for us “a better country — a heavenly one” — for us who believe God’s Word, even His Living Word, our Lord God Jesus Christ, through faith in His Name — based on faith in the gospel of Jesus Christ, the only begotten Son of God our Heavenly Father.” see Hebrews 11:1-40. NIV Study Bible.

Mark: “And Sonora, in the book of Revelation, chapters 21 and 22, there is even more written there about the Holy City, the new Jerusalem:

Sonora: “So, let us take our refuge in our Lord, Mark; and endure unto the end — as Jesus said — by putting our confidence in Him our Lord and Savior, and look forward, each day, to the coming of His Kingdom and our being with Him forever.”

Mark: “Amen.”

This Kingdom | Hillsong (Featuring Darlene Zschech)

“He that dwelleth in the secret place of the most High shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty. I will say of the LORD, He is my refuge and my fortress: my God; in him will I trust.” -Psalm 91:1, 2. KJV.

Psalm 91. KJV.

With All I Am – Hillsong – Lyric Video

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