“A Curious Little Dialogue”

Sunday, May 3, 2020. 4:32 PM.

A Curious Little Dialogue

Going on in my head while making a cup of tea.

[If I can only remember it with this 68-year-old memory . . . ]

Marco: “Sonora?”

Sonora: “Yes, dear?”

Marco: “I can’t remember what I wanted to say.”

Sonora: “Well, don’t worry about it.”

Marco: “Don’t worry about what?”

Sonora: “What you wanted to tell me, dear.”

Marco: “How did you know I wanted to tell you something?”

Sonora: “You just told me.”

Marco: “I’m glad I already told you – because it has already slipped my mind. What was it that I told you?”

Sonora: “Nothing.”

Marco: “I told you nothing?”

Sonora: “That’s about it.”

Marco: “Well, that wasn’t much; no wonder I forgot it.”

Sonora: “Exactly.”

Marco: “Now, if only I could recall what I was doing when I forgot what I was wanting to tell you.”

Sonora: “You were making a cup of tea, darling.”

Marco: “That’s right. I was making a cup of tea . . . I wonder if the water is boiling now.”

Sonora: “You could go and check, Honey.”

Marco: “That reminds me of what I wanted to tell you, Sonora.”

Sonora: “What was it?”

Marco: “It was something about sugar.”

Sonora: “What about sugar?”

Marco: “We need to remember to put it on the shopping list. We don’t have any more.”

Sonora: “Do we have any more honey, Honey?”

Marco: “I’ll go and check in the cupboard. If I can just keep honey in my memory until I get there, Mother Hubbard. You know me, Sonora. I might get distracted thinking of your daughter by the time I get to your cupboard.”

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