“A Man Was Walking in the Woods, Alone -[chapter two]”

Tuesday, May 12, 2020. 7:58 AM.

“A Man Was Walking in the Woods, Alone -Chapter Two”

Barbara and Will — The Next Morning

The next morning, Will made a cup of tea and sat down in his chair to enjoy it. Barbara appeared in the chair before him.

Will: “Greetings Barbara. I’ve been thinking about your words concerning “dreaming beautiful and glorious dreams” and I was wondering: What is your idea of glory, Barbara?”

Barbara: “Greetings, Will. To be honest with you, my words yesterday were out of this world; or, rather, I was being as dreamy-eyed as a child being carried along in the Spirit by imaginations and fantasies, I guess.”

Will: “Barbara, that phrase about being “carried along” and something about “the Holy Spirit” reminds me of a Scripture in the Holy Scriptures.”

Barbara: “Which Scripture, Will?”

“And we have the word of the prophets made more certain, and you will do well to pay attention to it, as to a light shining in a dark place, until the day dawns and the morning star rises in your hearts. Above all, you must understand that no prophecy of Scripture came about by the prophet’s own interpretation. For prophecy never had its origin in the will of man, but men spoke from God as they were carried along by the Holy Spirit.” -2 Peter 1:19-21. NIV Study Bible.

Will: “I have a tendency to be imaginative and fantastic in my thoughts and in my heart, too, Barbara. And, about words being “out of this world” that sounds refreshing to me, and hopeful. I recall our Lord telling Pontius Pilate that His kingdom was not now of this world. [John 18:36. NIV]. And in another place, Jesus spoke to His apostles the night of the last supper and to His Father in prayer about being in the world but not of the world. [John 17] Perhaps your words yesterday had something to do with things not of this world – but of the new heavens and the new earth that is written about in The New Testament and will be enjoyed by those who are waiting for God’s Kingdom to come.  By the way, would you like a cup of tea?”

Barbara: “Yes, Will. That would be very hospitable of you.”

Will: “And that word hospitable, Barbara, also reminds me of another Scripture.”

Barbara: “Which one, Will?”

“Let brotherly love continue. Do not neglect to show hospitality to strangers, for thereby some have entertained angels unawares.” -Hebrews 13:1, 2. ESV Study Bible.

Will: “It is truly my pleasure, Barbara, to be at your service. I love you as Christ loves His Bride. Would you excuse me for a few minutes while I prepare the tea for you?”


Barbara: “May I accompany you into the pantry, Will — so we may continue our conversation?”

Will: “Yes, Barbara. I would like that. And you are welcome to make yourself at home here.”

Barbara: “Thank you, Will.” So, Will and Barbara walked together into the pantry. Will opened the refrigerator and took out a pitcher of water.

Barbara: “Will, it’s been such a long time since I did anything at all in a kitchen. May I assist you, please?”

Will: “It has also been a very long time since anyone has been in my kitchen, Barbara; I would very much enjoy you working with me.”

So, Barbara turned on the oven range to boil the water. Then she opened the cupboard door and took out a pan for heating the water.

Will: “Barbara, how did you know where that pan was stored?”

Barbara just smiled a gentle smile and there was a twinkle in her eyes as she replied, “Oh . . .  about that, Will. Do you recall Emily Dickenson writing about “intimations of immortality?”

Will: “Yes.”

Barbara: “Well, sometimes we also have intimations about reality . . .  if you will, Will.”

Will: “Well, with a name like Will, I suppose I better be willing.”

Barbara: “Yes, Will. It is better to be willing than to be unwilling. And it is better to be than not to be.”

Will: “That sounds like Shakespeare, Barbara. By the way, may I ask what is your last name?”

Barbara: “It is a toss up between: I don’t have one yet — and Bluebird.”

Will: “Barbara Bluebird has a nice ring to it. I like the sound of it.”

Barbara: “And the word ring has a nice ring to it. I like the sound of it. And if I may ask: What is your last name, Will?”

Will: “My last name is Shaker, Barbara.”

Barbara: “William Shaker. That has a nice ring to it, too. Sounds similar to William Shakespeare . . .  and William Shatner – the actor who portrayed Captain Kirk in the original Star Trek series of the late 1960s. Did you ever imagine, Will, if you had children, they would all be Shakers?”

Will: “Yes, I did, Barbara.”

Barbara: “Would you like to have children, Will?”

Will: “Well, I believe I’d better be willing, if it be God’s will. If my wife and I had children, Barbara, they’d really shake things up around here. It’s been very quiet in my life for a very long time, now. And I’m 68. Maybe eight is enough.”

Barbara: “Eight? Eight what?”

Will: “Eight Shakers, I guess: Salt Shaker and Pepper Shaker; and Ginger Shaker and Cinnamon Shaker; and Parsley Shaker and Sage Shaker; and Rosemary Shaker and Thyme Shaker. Maybe we could form a music group and call it: Barbara & Will and All Their Little Shakers in Shaker Valley. We could sing songs like: Seasons in the Sun – and invite John Denver over to sing “Sunshine On My Shoulder.” And who was it who sang “Put Your Head On My Shoulder”? and “Love Is Blue?”

Terry Jacks\\Seasons in the sun with lyrics(HQ)

Paul Anka – Put your hands on my shoulder (with lyrics)

Andy Williams – Love Is Blue (Lyrics)

Barbara: “Maybe we could start a TV show, too.”

Will: “And what should we call it?”

Barbara: “How A Bluebird Came into Your Life and Decorated Your Heart. And the theme song could be:

You Decorated My Life – Kenny Rogers (Lyrics) HD

Will: “That sounds very pretty, Barbara. I love that song.”

Barbara: “And what about a story: The blue birds and all their little bluebells?“

Will: “That has a nice ring to it, too, Barbara! Maybe that one could be an animated feature film.

Barbara: “Maybe we could be a musical family living on Music Mountain above Livingstone Valley in Early Earth after the Great Tribulation that shook the old earth to her core and created something old and something new –something borrowed and something blue in all their True Colors.

Cyndi Lauper – True Colors (Lyric Video)

Will: “Barbara, I have another song that’s been in the background of my heart since you said something about “to dream beautiful and glorious dreams with you.”

Barbara: “And what song is that, Will?”

Will: The impossible dream – Man of La Mancha – Brian Stokes Mitchell – 2003

Will: “Luther Vandross The impossible dream with lyrics”

Barbara: “Will, do you also want to go where no man has gone before? And to dream beautiful and glorious dreams? Does that song inspire you, also?”

Will: “Yes, Barbara.”

Barbara: “Do you want to be in love with me, Will?”

Will: “Yes, Barbara.”

Barbara: “Do you want to be married to me in spirit, soul and body, Will?”

Will: “Yes, Barbara?”

Barbara: “Do you know and understand what you are saying to me, Will?”

Will: “What I am saying? I’m only saying Yes to everything you are asking me, Barbara. Is it possible to know and to understand the beauty and the glory of being in love with you in the very beginning? Is it possible for a little acorn sprout to know and to understand what it is to be a full-grown oak tree while he is only just now springing slowly out of his shell in the middle of May?”

Peter Cetera – Glory Of Love (Lyrics)

Barbara: “An oak tree? I don’t want you to be an oak tree, Will. Maybe a rose or a lily of the valley. Anyway, we must begin at the beginning . . . taking one day at a time.”

Will: “Yes, Barbara. One day at a time. And one step at a time.”

“In his heart a man plans his course, but the LORD determines his steps.” -Proverbs 16:9. NIV Study Bible.

Barbara: “And what is the first step, Will?”

Will: “The LORD will determine that, as He said. And we are allowed to plan a course – with the understanding that the LORD will determine the steps.”

Will: “Will you dance with me, Barbara?”

Barbara: “What kind of dancing, Will?”

Will: “The kind of dancing where I place my left hand into your right hand and my right hand onto your left hip; and just move slowly together with you on a carpeted floor in our bare feet.”

Barbara: “And why do you want to dance with me like that, Will?”

Will: “I don’t know exactly why, Barbara. Maybe that is how we can practice allowing God to determine our steps, as we step into being in love with each other; and learn to walk in His Love and Light and even in His Spirit – as His Word declares.  I only understand that I want to experience my hand in your hand and my other hand on your hip; and to just follow your moves as you take me where I’ve never gone before.”

Barbara: “Where, Will?”

Will: “Into being in love with you, Barbara.”

 Barbara: “And what is your understanding of being in love with me, Will?”

Will: “It means being in harmony with you on the dance floor – by letting go of self; and experiencing the feeling of my hand in your hand. In fact, at first, it might be enough just to walk with you. And maybe, later, to hold one of your hands. Maybe, at first, for me to have my other hand on your hip might be more than I can experience and remain standing. This one might not be able to take all the emotion that begins to flow — like spiritual high voltage — while holding one of your hands for about 8 seconds – and then, letting go and just contemplating for a while what that felt like and what it did to me — and whether I’m capable of experiencing The Power of Your Love again in the same day – or whether I need to go to sleep for a while and recover from what you do to me.”

Lady – Little River Band (Lyrics)

Barbara: “What I do to you? . . . .  The power of my love, you say?”

Will: “Yes, Barbara.”

Barbara: “Would you help me understand more about that, Will?”

Will: “There is a song I’ve listened to many times about that. Would you like to listen to it with me, Barbara?”

Barbara: “Yes, Will.”

Jennifer Rush – The Power of Love

Will: “Barbara, I was about 4 or 5 years old in 1956 when the following song was a hit. And maybe I’m still like a 4-year-old boy when I am with you.”

Barbara: “What song did you listen to, as a four-year-old boy, Will?”

Will: “A song by Perry Como.”

Barbara: “I would like to hear it, Will.”

Hot Diggity Perry Como lyrics

Barbara: “Will, maybe holding me might be better than dancing or holding hands.”

Will: “Why, Barbara?”

Barbara: “I just have an intimation that holding me would bless your heart and my heart without the high voltage that would be more than either of us could take.”

So, Will put his arms around Barbara. And Barbara put her arms around Will. And they just held on like that for a long while.

Mary Black – The Dimming of the Day

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