“That’s the Way It IS!”

Saturday Evening, May 16th 2020. 7:51 PM.

“That’s The Way It IS!”

A Couple Were Having a Conversation

In the spirit of Abbot & Costello, maybe . . . .

April and August

And it was in the merry, merry month of May

April: “August, why is it that things are the way they are?”

August: “Because that’s the way it is.”

April: “What do you mean?”

August: “Let me give you an illustration, April.”

April: “I’m listening, August.”

August: “Suppose a man always ties his left shoelace before tying his right shoelace.”

April: “And why does he do it that way?”

August: “Because that’s the way it is – with him.”

April: “And what if that man suddenly decided that it was time for a change; so, he began tying his right shoe first, and then his left shoe?”

August: “Well, in that case, the way it was IS is no longer the way it IS.”

April: “And what is the significance of that, August?”

August: “I don’t know. I’m not a linguistical logical lunatic, April.”

April: “And where should I go to find a linguistical logical lunatic to get the answer to my question?”

August: “You should not seek the answer to your question among lunatics, April.”

April: “Why not, August?”

August: “Because that’s the way it IS, April.”

April: “Was it ever any other way, August?”

August: “I’d have to do an historical investigation into the Past, April – to find out how it WAS back then. By the way, April, do you remember how Walter Cronkite always ended his nightly news report?”

April: “Not really, August.”

August: “Well, he always said at the very end: “And that’s the way it is.” So, perhaps we should understand from that, that whether we are in the Present or the Past – that’s the way it is.”

April: “And what about the Future, August? How will it be, then?”

August: “I don’t know, April.”

April: “Why don’t you know, August?”

August: “Because that’s the way it is, April.”

April: “So, we will just have to wait for the Future to get here – to find out if things are different, then?”

August: “Yes, April. I suppose so.”

April: “And when will the Future get here, August?”

August: “The Future will get here, April, right after this moment has passed into the Past.”

April: “And did this moment that we were in a moment ago pass into the Past, August?”

August: “Yes, it did, April.”

April: “So, August, we must be in the Future now – compared to the moment we were in a moment ago?”

August: “Yes, April, we are now in the Future. The Future keeps arriving as every moment of the Present keeps passing into the Past.”

April: “And how long will things keep going this way, August?”

August: “As far as I can tell, April, things will keep going like this Forever.”

April: “August, could it be that we are in Eternity, right now – in the ever-Present moment that keeps passing into the Past as the Future moment keeps arriving?”

August: “I suppose it could be April that we are in Eternity right now.”

Whitney Houston – One Moment in Time

Didn’t we almost have it all- Whitney Houston

Barbra Streisand – The Way We Were – Lyrics

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