“April, Why Don’t You Write?”

Tuesday Evening, June 2nd, 2020. 10:25 PM.


In 1974 we were in dialogue you and me

Something about the house at 116 Glade Road

And it had me wondering where you lived before Glade Road

You said Smithfield [or North Smithfield].

So, because I love you, April,

And because — as the song says —

“To Know, Know, Know You

Is to Love, Love, Love You”

I was wondering where you lived in Smithfield

And how old you were when you moved to Woonsocket

And were you happy about the move?

And where did you go to school before St. Charles?

And what was it like living in Smithfield?

About Writing, April:

Ralph Waldo Emerson was Henry David Thoreau’s older friend

And Thoreau, in his writing, was telling how he became a writer

And he said that someone [Emerson, I think]

Asked him once, “Why don’t you write?”

And, I guess, that was how Thoreau began writing.

So, April:

Why don’t you write?

Maybe you could start by writing to someone who would love to read your writing,

To someone who loves you.

June 2nd, 2020

10:43 AM

Maybe your writing would become an autobiography called:

To Someone Who Loves Me

Here Are the Chapters of My Life, by April Light Shower

And the first words might be:

Dearest August:

Since you love me and want to know all about me, I will tell you, my Love . . .

I will speak to your open heart that yearns to know me

And fill you with the best of me, my darling one.

However, I must warn you, August:

If you truly love me

You must be willing and able to see all of me

My days and my nights

My light and my darkness

My strength and my weakness

My joy and my sorrow

My anger and my peace

My joy and my wrath

My beauty and my plainness

My love and my hate

My attractions and my distractions

You must be a man to love this woman, August

You must be strong to love Me

You must be of good courage

You must be understanding of what is beyond understanding.

You must be able to endure the nearly unendurable.

And if we can do all this, we will be included in the Lamb’s Book of Life

Of those who love Me with an undying love

See Matthew 11:25-30. NIV Study Bible.

And enjoy Eternal Life with Me

See Revelation 21:22-27 [and all of the gospel of Christ and all of The New Testament].

Your Lady Love of the Lord our God.

April: “Are you ready, August?”

August: “Yes, April. And are you ready to believe the gospel of Christ; and put your whole faith in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and His Heavenly Father and their Holy Spirit, according to The Holy Scriptures?”

April: “August, I will need to learn more about the Scriptures, to study them, and to grow up in this faith of Jesus Christ, the only begotten Son of God, and our Lord and Savior. I still need to be born again as Jesus declared to Nicodemus in the gospel: John 3. NIV Study Bible, and ESV Study Bible.”


Chapter One: Dearest August

To Know Him Is to Love Him (Remastered Version)

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