“Eileen, When I Take a Nap”

Monday, August 31st, 2020. 3:44 PM.


When I take a nap and turn on my right shoulder facing the windows

You are there in the light in my eyes

If I turn onto my left shoulder

You are there in the shadows of my mind

If I lay on my back

You are there above me like the noon day sun

If I close my eyes

You are there

In the darkness

“The light shines in the darkness, but the darkness has not understood it.” -John 1:5. NIV.

If I cover my ears

You are still there

In the Sound of Silence

The sound of silence(with lyrics) : Dana Winner

The Sound Of Silence video – DANA WINNER – Lyrics

You are always there, Eileen

In the Eternal Presence of Love and Life

I Can’t Stop Loving You

I Can’t Stop Seeing You

You Are Always There, Eileen

You Are Always Here

You are even in the name of Jesus

J is for Jesus

E is for Eileen

S is for seeing

U is for You

S is for Spirit

I’ll Be Seeing You in Heaven, too, Eileen

H is for Hallelujah

E is for Eileen

A is for Ann – Your Middle Name

V is for Venus, the Morning Star

E is for Eileen, again

N is for the last letter of Eileen and the last letters of Ann

And N is also for the N in Never

As in The Twelfth of Never

I’ll Still Be Loving You

N is also for Near

You Are Always Near, Eileen

Phil Collins – Can’t Stop Loving You (Official Music Video)

Ray Charles – I Can’t Stop Loving You ( 1962 )

The Shadows Of My Mind–Lloyd Snow


L and L and L are for “love and loving kindness” and LORD

[in Hallelujah]

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