“Waiting for the Love of Eileen”

Thursday, September 17th, 2020. 12:12 AM.

   Waiting for the Love of Eileen

[Thoughts While Waiting for the Love of Eileen]

Her love in waiting . . .

Wed-nes-day, September 16th, 2020. 7:51 AM


Dear Eileen,

This letter is written from my heart to your heart in Hope that maybe it could break the logjam that has prevented the river love from flowing as it should for so many silent years between us.

I understand that you think that I’m dwelling on the past.

And I admit that it is written in the Scriptures

“Do not dwell on the past.”

However, if somethings in the past are causing a problem, then, maybe, it’s necessary to talk about those “Somethings in the Past” so they may be cleared out of the way [like boulders in a path]– and then forgiven at last; so we can live and love in the Present as we should.

Doesn’t that make sense to you, Eileen?

It seems to me that some of the details of the following should not be described here in this letter;

For, if they were, we would have nothing to talk about, later – and, maybe, you should have a chance to talk to me, later. I hope that you will talk to me, Eileen. I want to hear from you, Eileen.

In 1974 we were dating, remember?

That romantic “summer of ‘74”

I got the idea for that name for our romance that summer, years later, after seeing the movie:

“The Summer of ‘42”

The young lady actress in that movie is Irish, as you are Irish, Eileen.

One Sunday evening at your parents cottage on Great Island you proposed that we go to the URI Student Union to watch a movie.

So, we did that, you and I, Eileen.

When we parked the car in the student union parking lot – before we got out of the car – something occurred in the car. Then we went into the student union building and sat down and watched the whole movie together. During the movie, you rested your head in my lap for a very long time as we continued to watch the movie. While I enjoyed that, it also stirred me up. After the movie, on the way out the door, there was an unpremeditated incident that happened as you pushed the door open ahead of me. It happened in a second; and then it was over — as quick as a momentary flash of lightening. Your head in my lap for about an hour must have stimulated my hormones; and so, I had all this pent up excitement going on in me.

You said nothing about it. You didn’t so much as turn around and ask what happened; so, we never talked about it.

The following week at your parents cottage on Great Island, you cooked a little lunch for me; but, you didn’t have lunch with me. I ate the hamburger alone at the table.

Then, we went to the beach, you and I.

On the beach blanket at George’s Beach you spoke many words to me. You were upset. I wondered why; and thought of the incident at the student union. You did not mention it during your many words to me on the beach blanket; so, I wasn’t sure if that incident had anything to do with why you were being so talkative. Finally, your long speech ended. I said, “Well, you had a chance to express yourself.” You replied incredulously, “Express myself?!” Then you said, “I’m going into the water. If I’m not back in ten minutes, come and get me.” However, because of your long speech to me, I was not inclined to cooperate with you; so, I did not look at the time when you went into the water. I just stayed on the blanket. Eventually, you came back to the blanket. The blanket was folded and we went to my car to drive back to your parents cottage about a mile away from George’s Beach. When we arrived at your parents’ cottage, I said, “I’ll call you in a few days.” As you got out of my car you declared, “Don’t call me!” and you closed the passenger side door hard. I drove home.

Eileen, would you like to talk with me about anything at all – or write to me?


There are so many lovely things about us.

Island in the stream-kenny rogers lyrics (dolly Parton) duet

We went to school in Rhode Island

Together we went to Montreal, Canada — which is an island city in the great Saint Lawrence River.

We had times together in Galilee, Rhode Island – with Jerusalem on the other side of the breachway.

Galilee and Jerusalem – two very important Biblical names and places!

The name Rhode [ of Rhode Island] means rose, doesn’t it?

Your last name: Deambrose has the word rose in it.

In the Song of Songs it is written:

“I am a rose of Sharon,

A lily of the valleys.

“Like a lily among thorns

Is my darling among the maidens.” -Song of Songs 2:1, 2. NIV Study Bible.

We live in the Blackstone Valley

[the valley of a river]

The Rose – by Bette Midler + lyrics


I was just listening to The Rose and noticed the word dream in the lyrics;

And noticed that in the word dream are [r] the letters of your last name [deam] – with the letter r in between.  Maybe, Eileen, the r is for the word richer.

And, if your name was Eileen Ann Richer, then your initials would be EAR

Eileen, God made ears for listening.

Maybe, Eileen, you just need an R in your name to make our life  A Field of Dreams . . . if you would just listen . . .  Eileen.

Jose Feliciano – Rain [Lyrics]

Fields need rain to grow

My heart cries for the love of Eileen; for the attention of Eileen; for the eyes of Eileen looking attentively into my eyes . . . listening ears and seeing eyes and understanding hearts – our hearts, Eileen – understanding each other . . . in God’s love by the help of His Spirit in us, illuminating us . . . brightening us.

She reigns in my heart

My Lady Love from the Lord our God

Is our Heavenly Father circumcising my heart by making it yearn for Eileen?

Is He making the gates of my heart creak open a little at a time through making it long for you, Eileen, for Eternity?

Psalm 24

Rhythm Of The Rain – THE CASCADES – With lyrics

Maybe, Eileen,  if you believed the gospel of Christ, He would send His Holy Spirit into your heart,

The Spirit of understanding, the Spirit of truth;

And then, the eyes of your understanding would begin to open.

And your heart would be filled with the Light of Christ – in fact, your name, Eileen, means light.

The Love and the Light of Eileen – from the Lord

The Lord’s Love and Light in Eileen

By the grace of God through faith in His Son

By believing the gospel of God, the gospel of Christ our Lord and Savior.

Field of Dreams Official Trailer #1 – (1989) HD

The Love of Eileen Fills My Heart with Dreams

Waking Dreams that inspire me to write of Eileen and me.

“Therefore, he says, “Arise, sleeping one, and stand up out of the dead ones, and Christ will shine on you.” -Ephesians 5:14 -The Interlinear Bible Hebrew Greek English

Eileen, I AM standing up out of the dead ones

What about you, Eileen?

Why have you not written nor spoken a single word to me since you called me and texted me on May 27th, 2020?

Eileen, you must be born again to be enabled by Christ to “stand up out of the dead ones” and Christ will shine on you, whose name means light.


Part Two

A Wonderful Thought


Yes, Eileen is a wonderful thought.

God must have thought of Eileen in His own heart before He created her and gave her life and breath and soul and spirit. He has more to give to you, Eileen – eternal life in Christ – through faith in Him.

What if, Eileen, in your “next life”

God sends you back as Mark David Richer

And sends me back as you, Eileen?

What would you do, “Mark the Second” – about Eileen?

What would you do, Mark the Second, if Eileen was in your heart and always on your mind?

And she didn’t want to talk to you, nor write back to you?

And all you could do is keep on loving her from a distance?

Jesus at the Center by DARLENE ZSCHECH

And then, after a lifetime as Mark the Second, your life came to an end;

And then, you awakened in heaven;

And God placed you in one of His mansions to live in your own apartment there.

And in that mansion, your next-door neighbor was Eileen.

And you must live there in that apartment next-door to Eileen

And she was so beautiful that you still loved her so much . . .

What would you do, Mark the Second?

And what if you spoke to God about, Eileen – like this:

Heavenly Father, I love your daughter, Eileen. She’s my next-door neighbor, Lord:

Shenandoah – Peter Hollens (A cappella) lyrics

Loch Lomond – Peter Hollens

The Bonnie Banks of Loch Lomond – Ella Roberts

And she won’t write to me, Heavenly Father. And she told me to push her out of my mind and forget about her; but, Lord, I can’t stop loving her.”

Phil Collins – Can’t Stop Loving You (Official Music Video)

And what if our Heavenly Father replied to you:

“I will speak to her heart on your behalf, Mark.”

And then, He spoke to your heart like so:

“Eileen, how is it that you don’t write to Mark?”

“Do you not love your neighbor, Eileen?”

What would you reply to our Heavenly Father, Eileen?”

Eileen: “Heavenly Father, I just can’t write anything to him.”

Heavenly Father: “Why is that, Eileen?”

Eileen: “I don’t know why that is, Heavenly Father.”

Heavenly Father: “Did anything happen between you two?”

Eileen: “Yes, Heavenly Father.”

Heavenly Father: “Can you tell me about it, Eileen?”

Eileen: “I cannot, Heavenly Father.”

Heavenly Father: “Why, Eileen?”

Eileen: “I guess I just can’t deal with it.”

Heavenly Father: “Can’t deal with what, Eileen?”

Eileen: “The truth.”

Heavenly Father: “What is it, Eileen, about the truth, that you cannot deal with?”

Eileen: “I can’t tell the truth, Heavenly Father.”

Heavenly Father: “Mine only begotten Son, Jesus, is the Way, the Truth and the Life. He alone can enable you to speak the truth, Eileen. He can send the Spirit of truth into your heart. Without him, you can do nothing. Would you like to be able to speak the truth from your heart, Eileen?”

Eileen: “Heavenly Father, may I please just go back to my room. I would just like to quietly enjoy a bowl of ice cream all by myself, if You please, Lord?”

Please understand, the following songs starring a clown are not intended to ridicule anyone.

Puddles Pity Party: “All By Myself” – America’s Got Talent

Puddles Pity Party Performs “I Want To Know What Love Is” – America’s Got Talent: The Champions

Hallelujah – Puddles Pity Party at the SF Regency Lodge Ballroom

“Send In The Clowns” ~ Judy Collins ~ Muppet Show


Part Three

And there is still another thing for us to talk about, Eileen.

I imagine and somewhat fear that this one may upset you more than the others;

However, hopefully, it might also be just what we need to talk about to clear things up between us at last.

This incident happened in Montreal. After the RI Hikers club had arrived in Montreal and we had been to our temporary residence and all of us had gotten settled there, we all went out together on the bus to downtown Montreal. And you proposed to me that you and I go out for a drink; so, we left the group and went into a bar for a drink. We sat down at a table and the waitress came and we ordered our drinks. Then the waitress walked away; and you said you were going to the lady’s room; so, I sat at the table alone for a few minutes. Now, what happened next has one uncertain thing about it. In my memory, it is a toss up about who brought our drinks back to the table. I cannot be certain if the waitress brought them; or, if you returned to our table with the drinks when you returned from the lady’s room. Anyway, you and I had those drinks and then we left the bar. As soon as we got outside, I realized I suddenly had an upset stomach – which was very much out of the ordinary for me. My stomach was usually not a problem for me. I told you how I felt and looked around for a secluded place. Right across the street was a construction fence; so, I immediately crossed the street, leaned over the construction fence and emptied my stomach. Then, I crossed the street again to where you were – and I felt fine. And my stomach was perfectly alright again. It has always been a mystery to me why I suddenly got that upset stomach immediately after that drink at the bar. Years later, I began to wonder if there was a drug in that drink that made me sick to my stomach. An, if there was a drug in my drink, who put it there and why; and what was that drug? Could it have been a drug that, if I had not immediately emptied my stomach, might have gone to my brain and nervous system and done serious injury to me? I don’t know.

And the next day, you and I did not go out with the club members. We stayed at our residence location and borrowed tennis rackets from someone who lived there or worked there. We went out on the grounds and played tennis. Then we went out into a field of grass with my radio an, maybe, a blanket [not sure] and lay down just like we were at the beach. I recall a song that played on the radio:

Billy Preston – Nothing From Nothing (1974)

I remember, Eileen, that, as the song was playing, or immediately as it was ending, you said, “You have to have something if you want to be with me.” I did not ask you what you meant by that, because, as we were laying on that blanket or on the short grass there listening to the music on the radio, I kissed you three different times with intervals between those kisses – and each time I kissed you, Eileen, you remained as still as a statue lying on its back. And so, as I look back on that memory, it seems to me that while we were together for that whole weekend – going all the way to Canada from Rhode Island sitting side-by=side on the bus;  and talking and playing tennis together and going out for a drink together and riding all the way back to Rhode Island again sitting side-by-side on the bus – we were not exactly heart-to-heart. Something was not right between us. And even now, 46 years later, Eileen, things are still not alright between us. I still love you, Eileen. I sure wish we could clear things up and be real friends again. I really want to be in love with you, Eileen. I’d really like to hear from you about what is the matter between us. I believe that God, Who is Love and Light and Spirit, has a good reason for keeping you in my heart and mind every day. You are a most special lady to me, Eileen, ever since 7th-grade at St. Charles School in 1964-’65 – 55 years ago and counting.

Joe Cocker – You Are so Beautiful (lyrics)

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