“Remembering Lynda”

From: Mark David’s Journal

Tuesday, October 13th, 2020. 8:58 AM. Thinking about a title for a story, a short story, maybe. “In the Spirit, on the Lord’s Day.” The apostle and evangelist John used those words in The Revelation, in Chapter One, verse 10 ESV.  A few days ago, my older sister messaged me on Facebook about a schoolmate of ours from St. Charles School in the 1960s. She departed in late September of this year. Lynda was in the class between my sister Lesley and me. Lesley was two grades ahead of me. Lynda was/is beautiful. The name Linda in my booklet of “Names For Boys & Girls” says the name Linda means beautiful. I think Lynda with a y looks even more beautiful. It’s just pretty. Lynda took the school bus like we did. She would depart the bus in the afternoon on Cass Avenue near Kay’s Restaurant. On one side of Cass Avenue was Loring Street; on the other side was Dana Street. I did not know where Lynda lived. And I did not know until I was in my 50s that my mom was born in a house on Loring Street — the second house from the end of the street on the left: 112 Loring Street on February 11th, 1930 – “the day before Abraham Lincoln’s birthday”  she always added. My mom’s much older brother, my Uncle Milton had a way about him that reminded me of Abraham Lincoln – somber . . . although he also had a sense of humor, too. When I was little, he used to call me Marco Polo and sometimes Marky Pokey. I’ve been thinking of Lynda often since Lesley told me. I’ve been imagining having conversations with her. And I been wishing that I could have gotten off the school bus with her “back in the day,” our school days, and walked her home; and imagining that when we reached her house, she turned to me and said, “Thank you for walking me home, mark.” “You’re welcome, Lynda. It was sweet to walk with you.” And she put her hand gently on my shoulder for a moment and gave me a soft kiss on the cheek. And I never forgot that [imaginary] walk with Lynda and that kiss from her as long as I lived.

I Wanna Grow Old With You – Westlife

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