“A Spiritual Seed”

Thursday, October 15th, 2020. 2:05 PM.

A Spiritual Seed

There is a spiritual seed that can impregnate your heart

And begin to grow in you

If you will receive it, by the grace of God — through faith in the gospel of Jesus Christ – followed by faith in Jesus Christ Himself, the Lord of glory, the only-begotten Son of God Most High.

The Gospel According to Matthew 13:1-58. ESV.

The Gospel According to Luke 8:1-56. ESV.

Would you like to receive this faith in Jesus Christ

By believing His words concerning the seed – which is the Word of God

And which will eventually mature in you and become

Christ-in-you – the hope of glory.

If so, then begin reading the gospel of Christ.

And, as you read it, accept it.

Let His Word, His seed, enter your heart and live there, in you.

Nurture its growth as a gardener who takes care of his garden and takes care of the Seed planted there.

Protect it

Water it

Keep it clear of worldly weeds.

As a gardener receives a reward of satisfaction as he cares for his garden and sees his work bearing fruit;

So, you also will receive a reward as God’s Living Word grows in you

And the eyes of your understanding begin to open gradually and you become able to see His Kingdom and enter His Kingdom; and begin to enjoy the hope of His coming kingdom; and eternal life there – for you; and the hope of the glorious regeneration of your body; and the glorious regeneration of God’s Creation; and the hope of the resurrection of the dead; and the hope of seeing and living in the new heaven and the new earth that will appear at the regeneration of all things, according to God’s Will – as prophesied in The New Testament of Jesus Christ.

The Gospel According to John 1-4 ESV

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