“God’s Way — Not Ungodly Man’s Way”

Friday, October 16th, 2020. 7:27 AM.

God’s Way – Not Ungodly Man’s Ways

It is written for us in the Holy Scriptures inspired by God’s Holy Spirit, that we ought to love not the world nor the things of the world; and we are told that the whole world lies in wickedness.

So, we understand that we ought to trust in God rather than in man.

And we ought to be looking to Him and living in the hope of the second coming of the Messiah; and to the establishment of His kingdom, the kingdom of God – as the gospel of Jesus Christ reveals.

Believers in the only true God believe that the world is under the influence of “the god of this age” [the devil]. Consequently, the world’s systems are corrupted by ungodliness that manifests itself by injustice and unrighteousness and deceit and delusional thinking. And so, the worldly systems bring many forms of pollution into the world: environmental pollution and moral pollution. The rulers are themselves deceived and they speak deception. The whole world is being led astray from God’s truth. And all of this pollution results in chaos and disorder and human suffering on an ever-increasing scale. And so, peace is taken from the earth as people suffer misery and then protest against injustice. Ungodly politics is only making things much worse.

Ungodly mankind with their ungodly education have been establishing powerful and terrible systems by which they are leading the whole world into destruction. As a way of comparison, consider the difference between the way things are now in North America; and the way things were in North Americas before educated and ambitious men came here from Europe. Several hundred years ago, there were no nuclear bombs; no polluting industries; no mega-corporations; no capacity for world wars; no man-made plastics polluting the ecosystem; no sonar polluting the oceans; no super highway systems and airports; no worldly Internet system; no economic sanctioning of whole countries; no worldly banking systems; no state-sponsored gambling.

Ungodly-educated mankind is creating very big problems all over the earth; and all living things are suffering from this ungodliness.

God’s Way of Salvation (John 3:16)

One thought on ““God’s Way — Not Ungodly Man’s Way”

  1. so glad to have God’s own Word as a beacon. What other people are so fortunate as
    God’s people to be told the end of the story. Time to read our book of Revelation,
    which comes with a promised blessing to those who read and hear it.

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