“Writing to Elizabeth”

Friday, March 4th, 2022. 9:52 PM.

Writing to Elizabeth

Hi Elizabeth. It’s 9:13 PM here. It must be 2:13 AM where you are. Imagining you are asleep. God bless you to be resting in His love and His peace. I’d like to share with you about the day how it was. Went for a walk in the cool sunshine. About 1/2 hour of walking. These are the names of the streets I walked in Woonsocket, Rhode Island: Clinton, Cumberland, Cass, Wood, Elm, Gaulin, Locust, and then I was on Cumberland St. again and Clinton Street where the apartment building is where I live alone — and think of you, dear — and write to you, too. Went into the Community Room when I got back and checked my mailbox. No mail today, Elizabeth. Saw some of my neighbors and said Hi. On my walk, saw some passersby and said Hi. Some return my greeting; some don’t. Some ask a question like “How are you?” Some don’t even look. Some give a faint smile. It’s interesting to see the various responses of the people going by.

Those last words about “people going by” reminded about the words in a very beautiful song, Elizabeth – beautiful just like you:

I love you, Elizabeth

I haven’t met you, but I love you

And love writing to you, love.

And I love your beautiful name of four beautiful syllables and nine lovely letters

And Elizabeth means “God is my oath”

And Elizabeth is in the Bible: the mother of John the Baptist, the wife of Zechariah and the older cousin of Mary the mother of Jesus.
Hope you love this song, Elizabeth

What A Wonderful World – Louis Armstrong – Lyric Video

What A Wonderful World – Louis Armstrong – Lyric Video – YouTube

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