“Are We Getting Lowly, Yet?”

Monday, April 6th, 2020. 4:52 PM. “Are We Getting Lowly, Yet?” Sonora: “August, what do you mean by that question?” August: “Well, with all this pandemic happening – people getting sick; hospitals filling up; people dying like it was the plague . . . it’s enough to make folks lowly, don’t you think?” Sonora: “Yes, … Continue reading “Are We Getting Lowly, Yet?”

“The Lady of the Lake of Sweet Tears” [The Spiritual Staircase — Chapter Five]

Saturday, March 28th, 2020. 10:16 PM. The Lady of The Lake of Sweet Tears Mark: “You know what, Phoebe?” Phoebe: “What is it, Mark?” Mark: “Remember that we were talking about how a wife is very special?” Phoebe: “Yes, I remember you saying something about that on our walk to Sweet Avenue.” Mark: “And how … Continue reading “The Lady of the Lake of Sweet Tears” [The Spiritual Staircase — Chapter Five]

"The Spiritual Staircase — Chapter Three"

Sunday, March 22nd, 2020. 12:54 PM. Chapter Three Nancy and Frank Continue Their Park Bench Conversation Frank: “Nancy, may I ask you a question?” Nancy: “Sure.” Frank: “What is your middle name, please?” Nancy: “My middle name is Phoebe.” Frank: “I like the sound of that name: Phoebe. I like the sound of Be at … Continue reading "The Spiritual Staircase — Chapter Three"

"The Spiritual Staircase — Chapters One and Two"

Friday, March 20th, 2020. 3:45 PM. The First Full Day of Spring. There was a Post on Facebook recently by Paul concerning a former outpost of our hometown library. And someone commented:“Someone should write a book about the experience of walking up those creaky wooden steps of the Social Branch of the Harris Public Library: … Continue reading "The Spiritual Staircase — Chapters One and Two"